CIGWELD Looking Solve the Problems of End-Users with Their Niche Welding and Cutting

CIGWELD consider them one of the most customer-focused organizations in the field of welding with their ranges of products and also with their technical support.

Not only do they provide their quality products backed up with warranty, they also support their customers with the team of their after-sales-service for all their complex products. Their support team has managers, technical staff, and customer care professionals.

They take pride in their company by their years of experience and knowledge that they have acquired in the field of welding. Nothing is impossible for their team of engineers and they can make all types of welding and cutting problems very easy for their clients.

All products of CIGWELD are marketed by ESAB in the Asia Pacific region. CIGWELD is one of the major brands promoted by ESAB and in addition to that they also market for a few other companies too.

CIGWELD is committed to react based on the feedback and information provided by their valued customers and therefore they always make sure that they always remain in touch with various current industry demands, and also the needs of their end-users.

As a supplier of range of welding and cutting equipment, they are fully aware that their target market ranging right from Heavy Industrial to DIY, and also professionals from various ranges of industries e.g. Mining, Earthmoving, Fabrication, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Automotive, Defense, Machinery, Farming and Agriculture, Trades and, Hobbyists, etc.

Most of the welding products that CIGWELD deal with are based on the inputs obtained from their customers. The Product Management team of CIGWELD/ESAB provide personalized services to each of their clients that include engineers, manufacturing compnies, and suppliers for developing products of premium quality, At the same time, they ensure that all safety standards and measures are adequately met.

While developing any kind of new product, their teams present in Australia, the USA, Europe, and Asia work together on the design, engineering, testing, and safety. During the process of designing, CIGWELD/ESAB products will undergo a rigorous life cycle, endurance, electrical, and safety tests.

This will make sure that all their products can meet the required standards of Australia and New Zealand while upholding their industry-leading level of quality that their customers generally expect.

Quality Management Systems
In a country like Australia, the Therapeutic Goods Act of 1989 will require that all manufacturers of therapeutic goods must hold a license.

It will always be considered as an offense if any company is found to be manufacturing any therapeutic goods meant for human use without having a license unless the manufacturer has been exempted from this requirement.

ESAB group has been awarded ISO 9001:2008/ ISO 14001:2004/ OHSAS 18001:2007 in December 2013 for design, development, production, sales, and distribution of all kinds of welding and cutting products together with their associated services.

Community Engagement
CIGWELD has always been a part of many charitable events for the right causes, and they have allocated a healthy budget for this purpose. They have partnered with RMIT Electric Racing for producing graduates, helped “The Tree Project”, sponsored the World skills Australia Regional competition to name a few.

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