Christine Andola Announces Book Launch

The author's book "Who Knew?" is an insightful, humorous, no-nonsense discussion of many of the life lessons women encounter on their way to happiness

Author Christine Andola is announcing a new book release! The memoir is titled Who Knew? Lessons From My First 40 Years, and it recounts her years of imperfect living as she journeyed toward, and finally found, a new definition of happiness after the age of 40. Full of concrete, specific advice for living, the book is aimed at women readers who are approaching their own milestones in life and trying to find happiness.

"Life is a never-ending learning process," said Christine, "and I wanted to share with readers some of the lessons I've learned in my own attempts at coming to terms with the past and seeking happiness. By the age of 40, I think many of us have had our share of hard times, and hopefully we've come to realize that our challenges have made us stronger. I think a lot of readers can identify with the experiences I've had and the insights I've gained from them. Hopefully they can also avoid some of my mistakes."

The life-changing experiences she refers to include awkward social missteps, challenging family dynamics, a failed marriage, grief, and death. In telling her stories, she uses humor to entertain the reader, but follows up with the no-nonsense life lessons she gleaned from each challenge. The stories illustrate how Christine has achieved greater happiness by taking responsibility for past choices and taking full charge of her present life.

Christine's book also deals with the complex topic of female friendships, which can be intense but not always stable. She counsels readers to choose their friends wisely, seeking out others who share their values. She also shares the benefits of investing in a small number of lifelong friendships rather than extending a social network as widely as possible. She acknowledges that a deep friendship makes people vulnerable, and that the rewards should be worth the risk.

One reviewer described the book as "an easy-to-read how-to book to help us learn how to grow up." Others commented on how well different age groups can relate to the book. Younger Millennial readers will identify with the author's stories of her 20s and 30s and learn what to expect when they hit their middle years. Older readers who have already seen their 40th birthday will be able to identify with Christine's experiences and appreciate her take on life.

Concluded Christine, "I figured out how to find happiness, and then it seemed selfish not to share. I wrote this book so other people could recognize their own path to happiness, or at least be enlightened and entertained in the pursuit." The book is available in a paperback as well as a Kindle edition.

About Christine Andola

Christine Andola is a freelance writer and consultant and a native of Central New York whose work has been published in several regional and online magazines. She writes about food, health, business, and other topics. She has lived in the Southern Tier, the Hudson Valley, the North Country, and New York City, and she has also traveled a good portion of the Erie Canal. Who Knew? is her first book.

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