Chris McNeil Chiropractor & Macomb Twp MI Clinic Director Discusses Chiropractic Laser Therapy in Latest Podcast

Michigan based chiropractor Dr. Chris McNeil discusses new laser therapy treatments for back pain sufferers.

Close to 80% of all Americans will at some point experience back and neck pain in their lifetimes. Many people have turned towards a medical approach that, unfortunately, over time will become less successful as the body develops a tolerance for the drug. Chiropractors have worked with patients to minimize pain and adjust the body since the field's inception. As more and more research into medical technology has revealed alternative, and successful, techniques chiropractic medicine has gradually become adopted by major health care providers and insurance giants. One such technology, therapeutic laser treatment, has had great success in alleviating pain. Chiropractor Chris McNeil of Macomb Township Chiropractic recently recorded a podcast to discuss this treatment modality.

“I have really wanted to do a podcast on this tech for some time,” says McNeil. “I've found it to be an extremely successful treatment method for those experiencing back and neck pain. Therapeutic loser has been around for years but only recently has gotten the media attention it deserves. Lasers use different wave lengths and frequencies to stimulate the body's tissues and healing response and can speed up the healing time by enhancing cellular metabolism, increasing oxygen absorption, and increasing waste elimination of your cells. Whichever area the laser is focused on will see an increase in the healing speed of that tissue.”

At Chris McNeil’s Macomb Township Chiropractic office, they use two different types of lasers in their clinical setting to assist patients in the healing process: the cold laser and the hot laser. The cold laser used most often by Dr. McNeil has different wavelengths but essentially is at 500 miliwatts or less in power, and works to help flush out inflammation in injured tissues, decrease pain, and increase strength. During the podcast, Dr. McNeil goes into greater detail about the use of this laser in his clinic and how it can be used to promote pain relief and reduce the healing time exponentially.

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