Choosing flooring can be a challenging decision during home renovations.

Flooring makes up a major part of your home renovation. When installing new flooring in your home, it can be a tricky decision. There are many factors that go into deciding, including pricing, colors, patterns, durability, installation costs, maintenance, and more.

There are many factors that go into deciding a flooring type for a home renovation. This includes style, pricing, durability, installation costs and maintenance. Homeowners will benefits from reading the following information: Types of Flooring - Guide to Common Flooring Types.

Here are some benefits, limitations and cost estimates for common flooring types:

Hardwood: Hardwood is a classic choice, is timeless in style and will add value to your home. It’s long-lasting when cared for properly, easy to maintain and can be refinished to restore it’s like-new look. Hardwood flooring installation is more expensive than other flowing types and is susceptible to water damage. Average installation cost: $8-$10/sq. ft.

Ceramic Tile: Ceramic tile is popular for its durability, low-maintenance and affordable price tag. Ceramic tile will fade in the sun over time. Average installation averaging $1.30/sq. ft.

Natural Stone Tile: Natural stone tile is a more high-end tile choice. Common stones include marble, granite, travertine, sandstone, limestone and onyx. It’s an elegant choice, can be low maintenance depending on the type of stone, but is very expensive. Average installation averaging $12-$17/sq. ft.

Carpet: Carpet is a warm and cozy choice for bedrooms and living rooms. It’s easy to clean, can reduce noise and is a good insulator. Carpet has a huge range in quality and price, with the lower cost options usually wearing prematurely. It also collects allergens, which can have a negative health impact on some homeowners. Average installation cost: $2/sq. ft.

Luxury Vinyl Plank: Vinyl flooring has increased in popularity. It’s affordable, low-maintenance and can mimic the look of real hardwood and tile. DIY is relatively easy, but the flooring can dent easily. Average installation cost: $2.50-$3.30/sq. ft.

Laminate: Laminate is another good option if you want to mimic the look of hardwood without the larger price tag. It’s easy to DIY and comes in a range of styles and colours. It is water resistant, but not waterproof, making it a poor choice for high-spill zones like the kitchen or bathroom. Average installation cost: $5.50/sq. ft.

Linoleum: Linoleum has been a popular cost-effective flooring choice for a long time. It can last for decades and is soft to walk on. It can be damaged by sharp objects and will fade in the sun over time. While it’s a cheap option, it will not add as much value to your home as other flooring options. Average installation costs: $3.30-$4.20/sq. ft.

Before choosing a flooring company or flooring installer, be sure to do your research. Check for a business license, insurance, WCB coverage and ask for references. You can also consult third-party certification sites like

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Infographic – Types of Flooring: Guide to Common Flooring Types

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