Chit Chat Chimp Software Allows Users To Create A Bot Instantly With No Technical Skills Required

Chit Chat Chimp is a web-based, intelligent chat bot builder developed to help users create their own affordable chat bots in just a few minutes without any requirement of coding.

The tool is powerful and highly flexible which means users can create various kind of bot. Bots that can help marketers support their customers better, maximize interactive visitor engagement leading to higher sales conversions and conduct ‘on the fly’ market research as well as gather feedback.

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ChitChatChimp software can work without depending on messenger apps or integrating with any expensive third-party services. The vendors offer their product at an affordable price so that users can easily get access to it and then build a new bot to any website within minutes. Marketers are now enabled to create bots that will:

• Assist potential customers to make a buying decision
• Upsell or cross-sell other products in their lineup
• Answer and handle any sales objections to increase conversions
• Provide custom suggestions to products or services
• Collect visitor response and allow marketers to have valuable insights
• Offer discount codes or remind prospects of sales deadlines
• Support their customers and site visitors

Marketers can even build an entirely new business around their bot, train it to teach visitors or members specific skills and answer their questions.

Chit Chat Chimp Smart Bots Builder allows users to create a bot instantly with no technical skills required. They only need to choose an appropriate name and tag for their new bot, then choose the colors, select or upload an avatar, set their greeting message and general fall back responses if there are any questions that the bot cannot answer. It only takes five minutes and then their bot is ready to go.

While users can decide to train one single bot to do everything in their business, they can also build and train multiple bots to do completely different tasks. Users can save separate answers for each bot or save general answers for groups or all of their bots.

Once their bot has been created, the software will make it easy for marketers to add it to their website. The producers will provide a short snippet of code to put in marketers page's code and that is it. After that, marketers can edit the look and feel of their bot at any time through their account dashboard, and those new changes will instantly appear where they placed their bot.

ChitChatChimp Chat Bots is designed to be simple, fun and it is an excellent way to reduce user’s personal workload, increase their revenue and educate, help and entertain their visitors. And the cool thing is if users secure an account at ChitChatChimp today, they will benefit from:

• No Chat Limits – Their bot can have unlimited monthly chats
• No Answer Limits – They can train their bots to answer countless question
• No Complex Coding – Create their first bot within minutes from now
• No Monthly Fees – Just a single annual payment based on how many bots they need

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