Chiropractor in Redding, CA Delivers Cutting-Edge A.R.T. (Active Release Therapy)

Top chiropractic office in Redding, CA begins offering breakthrough Active Release Therapy treatment to get injured athletes back in the game.

Redding, CA. Developed and patented by Dr. Michael Leahy, Active Release Therapy is a hands-on technique considered as a practice tailored to relieving tissue tension. Using a fundamental principle of removing fibroids/adhesions which can develop in the tissues as a consequence of overload due to constant use, ART seeks to reduce pain and improve the general well-being of the patients.

According to Dr. Dakota Montgomery D.C., a distinguished chiropractor at Redding Sports Therapy & Montgomery Chiropractic Home, ART is used to treat symptoms that are associated with muscles, ligaments, fascia, nerves, and muscle. He further asserts that the treatment seeks to address three major functions which include; restoring free and unobstructed motion of all the soft tissues, release the entrapped nerves, lymphatic and vasculature and re-establishing maximum texture, resilience, and pragmatism of the soft tissues.

Every ART procedure is a combination of examination and treatment. During treatment one of the physical therapists will use his or her hands to evaluate the texture, tautness, and movement of the muscles, tendons and the nerves. During the treatment process, a therapist will use manual therapy to apply compressive, tensile and shear forces to address the abnormal ligaments, painful joints, repetitive pains and the trauma injuries.

ART is considered as both a treatment and diagnostic technique. Most of the problems addressed by the treatment are those that are as a result of over-used muscles. Some of the problems that ART can resolve quickly and permanently include joint problems, back pain, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbows, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, shin splints, and headaches.

Redding Sports Therapy is much more than Chiropractic in Redding CA. It’s a Chiropractic clinic that specializes in numerous chiropractic treatments ranging from sports therapy, traditional physical therapy, massage therapy to customized nutritional plans. Within the clinic, they have different specialized physicians who can attend to all your therapy needs.

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