Chiropractor Chris McNeil Talks Chiropractic Remedies for Migraines in Latest Podcast

Dr. Chris McNeil, a Detroit Metro area chiropractor is starting a new podcast to help migraine sufferers.

More than 28 million people suffer from migraines in the United States each year. That means that at least one person in every family will suffer from migraines in their lifetime. Finding relief from the debilitating suffering that goes hand in hand with migraines can literally mean the difference between life and a living death. Chris McNeil of Macomb Township Chiropractic, Ferndale Chiropractor and East Detroit Accident Injury Clinic recently addressed this topic in his recent podcast, where he describes the ways of diagnosing issues that can lead to migraine pain and various treatment modalities that have been effective in the treatment of patients who visit the practice in search of help.

“I wanted to do a podcast on migraines since it was something so many of my patients had come to me with,” says Chiropractor Chris McNeil. “It's incredibly heart-breaking to hear people talk about days spent in their rooms with the windows drawn, their eyes covered, and no sound at all—just bare isolation and pain. I wanted my podcast to explain that there are treatments that work for a lot of people that don't include the types of tolerance-inducing drugs that so many people around here in Detroit are being given. I encourage anyone who is experiencing migraine pain, from adults to children, to at least give chiropractic remedies a try.”

In addition to the new podcast, Dr. McNeil runs his Metro Detroit Chiropractor offices and help people with migraines by starting with a complete consultation examination involving X-rays and a posture picture, and then analyzes the information for any type of therapy that can give patients some relief right away. That could include heat packs on the neck, inter-segmental traction and massage to help open up the joints and relieve muscle spasms, or instrument adjusting which stimulates the nerves that helps the muscles relax. Ice is also used to help reduce the muscle spasms and decrease the inflammation that could be in the neck related to the misalignments, nerve tension, joint pressure and disc pressure. The approach is about testing the patient's response and then adjusting until they find what works.

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