Chinese liquor Wang Mao graces stage with glamor at the London Fashion Week

Chinese liquor Wang Mao has become the first Official Spirit Partner of London Fashion Week 2020.

The appearance of Wang Mao, a Chinese liquor from Guizhou, China, at London Fashion Week shows the confidence that Chinese liquor will go to the world's fashion center. Chinese liquor Wang Mao has become the first Official Spirit Partner of London Fashion Week 2020.It will showcase their latest creations alongside emerging young talent when London Fashion Week kicks off on Friday.

From the appearance design of liquor products, there is a big difference between Wangmao liquor and traditional Maotai liquor. Chinese liquor Wang Mao has a highly designed and aesthetic bottle design, which perfectly highlights the fashion gene of Wang Mao. In fact, the cross-border marketing of Wang Mao Liquor in conjunction with London Fashion Week is also based on the fashion gene of the product itself.

On its home Chinese liquor is seen as the drink of choice for mature gentlemen.

The Asian community accounted for nearly two-thirds of all Chinese liquor drunk in the world's biggest market, say executives and analysts. Yet that's now changing.

One of the quiet players is Wang Mao Liquor. After pushing hard in China to become the leading player there, the brand is now trying to lift its 2 percent share of the Europe market.

Wang Mao Liquor has special brewing technology, which is quite different from Luzhou-flavor and Fen-flavor liquor. It takes at least five years for a bottle of Wangmao liquor to be put into production. Among them, there are two feeding, nine cooking and eight drying, and addition of koji, high temperature accumulation, fermentation in the pond, liquor extraction, storage, blending, etc. After a long and special reaction of mysterious beneficial microorganisms, together with the huge microbial community in the air and pit, all kinds of beneficial microorganisms are scattered in the air.

The most important characteristic of Wangmao liquor lies in its cultural attribute. Maotai-flavor liquor culture is deeply rooted in Chinese traditional culture and has a history of 5000 years. It is no longer just a drink, but a special commodity with important cultural connotation and cultural value. The richness and richness of Wangmao liquor culture is incomparable to any other liquor.

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