China Launches "0-Fried Healthy Noodles" Ramen Way Fans, Wins "Global Food Industry Award"

China Launches "0-Fried Healthy Noodles" Ramen Way Fans, Wins "Global Food Industry Award"

From October 31 to November 3, the 21st World Congress on Food Science and Technology was held in Singapore. The "0-fried healthy noodles" Ramen Way Fans from China's JML Group won the "Global Food Industry Award" on behalf of Chinese instant food companies.

The World Congress of Food Science and Technology is an authoritative meeting of the food industry held every two years, organized by the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST). As the annual event of the global food industry, this conference attracted 1500 industry representatives from more than 70 countries and regions to attend. After rigorous evaluation by the organizing committee, JML's product "Ramen Way Fans", with its innovative "cooking processes", has broken through the problems of rehydration time and water absorption rate of similar products at home and abroad, and committed to the concept of "health" to lead the change of traditional instant noodle industry, won the unanimous approval of the judges.

In the past 60 years, the deep-fried instant noodles originated in Japan became popular worldwide, but the instant noodles made by the "instant hot oil drying method" were also considered by consumers to be unhealthy and nutritious because of "fried and high-calorie", especially with the rise of the healthy diet trend, the traditional instant noodle industry has also reached a moment of urgent change.

In order to break the bottleneck of fried process, JML started the technical research and development work from 10 years ago, and finally got the inspiration from the Chinese traditional food cooking culture. After 10 years of technical research and accumulation, 48 product development iterative upgrades, 31 major technological breakthroughs, and 583 formula design and process tests, Jinmai Chinese Lang has developed an innovative "cooking process" to realize the fundamental change of instant noodles from fried to "0 frying".

The creation of "Ramen Way Fans" is the successful practice of the "innovative cooking process"by JML, which is a zero-fried high-end steamed ramen. It uses non-fried steamed noodle technology and straight strip shredding process, using scattering equipment to treat the noodles, boiling water can be rehydrated in 3 minutes, solving the problems of long rehydration time and poor noodle adhesion and dispersion of similar products at home and abroad, with a water absorption rate of more than 152%; the vegetable package is rich and more material, selected sesame, corn, goji berries, bamboo shoots and other natural ingredients, combined with meatballs made by freeze-drying technology, meat and vegetarian combination...From following the footsteps of Japanese manufacturing to accelerating overtaking with key technological innovations, Ramen Way Fans successfully staged a beautiful counterattack, using Chinese cooking technology to promote the change of the world's instant noodle industry.

This coincides with the theme of the conference, "The Future of Food - Innovation, Sustainability and Health". Through innovation and technological advancement, JML has met the two key indicators of consumers' demand for higher quality of life, the trend of healthy eating and more high-tech required by the future food, and applied the traditional Chinese food culture to technological innovation, which is an important reference for the iteration of the world convenience food industry.

In the world's economic jungle,the tree of Chinese enterprises are growing thickly and becoming an important driving force to promote the world's progress and carry forward Chinese culture. The award is and not only a bowl of noodles, which contains the culinary wisdom of Chinese people. JML wants to let the noodle-lovers all over the world to eat the taste of China, eat Ramen Way Fans, and enjoy the happiness through China's "0-fried healthy noodles".

As Fan Xianguo, the helmsman of JML, said, "From Made in China to Created in China, the disruptive innovation and rapid rise of Chinese enterprises in various fields in recent years have become the benchmark of the industry and the model of the world, and each entrepreneurs in the food industry should bear the responsibility and commitment to create more disruptive and innovative products, more new species, and win the future with innovation."

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