Chili Dog Tags To Protect Pets This Christmas By Donating Identification Tags That Last a Lifetime

Chili Dog Tags is getting into the Christmas spirit by donating high quality dog tags to pet owners who need them, through a new online promotion.

Chili Dog Tags has provided dog collars with high quality, riveted brass I.D. tags to pet owners for two decades. Throughout this time, they have reached out to pet rescue groups to offer them the best deal possible on these tags, making them available for just $1 per tag or less. Now, the team has gotten into the Christmas spirit, and created a new dedicated web presence to give away a limited number of free pet tags through, using the code FREETAG. Their mission is to save more animals’ lives than ever this holiday season.

The Free Pet I.D. Tag Offer will provide a hassle- and cost-free gift for pets, and the Pet Lovers in people’s lives. The company is interested in providing tags to as many people as possible over this period to help keep pets easily identifiable. 90% of lost pets with an I.D. tag on their collar make it home safely, making durable ID tags an essential.

These high quality, low cost I.D. Tags last for many years. The company has a long reputation of providing these tags to animal rescue groups, and always looking to establish new partnerships. This offer allows private citizens to get the best Pet I.D. Tags without having to worry about the budget.

A spokesperson for Chili Dog Tags explained, “We are delighted to be able to provide a limited number of our outstanding pet tags for free, to help more pets than ever be readily identified, wherever they may roam. Identification of lost pets is the biggest contributor to these pets being returned home and not to shelters, lessening the burden on animal rescue groups and reuniting loving owners with their lost loved ones. We hope this offer helps put people in the holiday spirit, and helps more owners than ever discover the quality of Chili Dog Tags.”

About Chili Dog Tags: has been in business for over 20 years, providing high quality, long-lasting I.D. tags for Animal Rescue Groups, SPCA's, Humane Societies, Animal Foster groups and Pet Lovers. Their goal is to get more I.D. tags on more pets to help save more pets’ lives. They offer the very best collars, with Brass Plate I.D. Tags riveted to the collar.

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