Children and Family Therapy Clinic Reports Ten Percent of Teens Are Depressed

Parents need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of depression along with the different treatment options to get their child the help they need, announces

Capital News recently reported that as many as one in ten children between the ages of 12 and 17 are depressed, yet most receive no professional help. In fact, 62 percent of teens who are depressed receive no counseling or medication, but those who do report treatment does help. For this reason, parents of depressed teens need to seek help for their child in a timely manner.

"Of the more than 9,000 adolescents studied, 22 percent who suffered from depression obtained counseling alone. Another 13 percent obtained a combination of Idaho Falls Counseling and medication, while three percent received only medication. Of the teens receiving counseling, 57 percent reported it was somewhat or extremely helpful. For those who obtained both medication and counseling, 69 percent reported it helped somewhat or a great deal. Parents need to seek treatment for their child if they suspect the teen suffers from depression, as help is available," the Family Therapy staff at Children and Family Therapy Clinic reports.

Parents often assume Idaho Falls Depression is a normal part of the growing process and needn't be of great concern. Depression is actually a form of mental illness, and one that can have a significant impact on the adolescent's ability to function and reach their maximum potential. Quality of life is negatively affected, as are the child's opportunities, and children suffering from depression are more at risk for substance abuse and suicide.

The Family Therapy staff explains persistent sadness, withdrawal from family and friends, irritability and difficulty concentrating are symptoms of depression parents need to know. In addition, if the child's eating or sleeping habits change, they lose interest in previously loved activities or they appear restless and agitated, help may be needed. If one is unsure if their child is depressed, it's time to seek outside help to determine if this is the case.

Children and Family Therapy Clinic offers a wide range of services for children struggling with life. Individual therapy remains one option, while family therapy and counseling are others. In home therapy may be recommended and the clinic provides case and medication management services. When Idaho Falls psychiatry services are believed to be of benefit, they will also be incorporated into a treatment plan.

"The goal is to find the right combination of treatments that will most help a child. No two adolescents are alike, therefore one cannot use a one size fits all plan. Children and Family Therapy Clinic understands this and works to find the right treatment plan, based on the child's specific needs. Contact the clinic today to get your child on the path to a better future," the Family Therapy staff advocates.

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