Chicago, IL - The Top 5 Home Security Systems Reviewed

May 20, 2014 /, innovative leader in research and analytics, has launched rankings and reviews of the top five home security companies in Chicago, IL. "This information educates consumers about the different services available in the residential security marketplace today," said Gayle Morgan. "These reviews will help people compare companies and choose the best one for their needs."

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Advances in technology make high-tech solutions possible for the average homeowner. Gadgets once thought to be futuristic, such as motion-triggered security lighting and video surveillance cameras that interface with motion-detecting sensors, are now available and affordable.

"People know they need more than dead bolts and watchdogs to protect their homes and families these days," says Morgan. "But with so much new technology available and so many choices out there, decision-making fatigue sets in. That's these why rankings and reviews are so important."

The residential security industry is experiencing a growth surge. Consumers realize that local law enforcement is limited by budget constraints and reduced resources. Police departments are not equipped to provide the level of security most families want, so homeowners turn to private security companies for enhanced coverage. The reports and rankings published on Home Security Planet explain the difference between various systems, from entry level solutions to sophisticated, high-end surveillance and monitoring services.

Cost is the top concern for many consumers, with ease of use coming in a close second."Residents aren't sure whether to invest in an extensive hard-wired system that only a professional can install or try to get by with a wireless system they can install themselves," explained Morgan. "How many sensors do they need? Should they sign a contract? How much should they pay for monitoring? Do they need a 'panic button'? Now there's one website that helps answer all those questions."

New players in the home security business add to consumers' confusion. Going with an established company may seem like the best approach, but newcomers to the field also have a lot to offer. "Telecommunications and cable companies are getting in on the action," said Morgan. "Competition between the 'new kids on the block' and traditional providers is good for the average consumer. Competition drives innovation and helps keep prices under control."

Every property is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all home security approach. Morgan explains it like this: "A single family home on a large suburban lot, a vacation home at the lake, an urban apartment and a townhouse -- each residence needs a security plan of its own, complete with the appropriate equipment."

In most cases, having any security system is better than having none at all. Signs indicating that a residence is protected by a security system can be an effective deterrent. Often, intruders give up on a residence with security protection and look for unprotected properties in the same neighborhood.

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Morgan points out that the best systems, although complex, are also user friendly. "No one wants to spend hours learning how to make their home security program work. When people find out they can operate an entire security system with their smartphone, they're sold!"

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