Cherry Creek North Dentist Dr. Erik Manos Offers Invisalign To Help Patients Achieve Straight Smiles Without Braces

Dr. Erik Manos of Accent Dental offers latest technology for teen and adult patients seeking straighter smiles

Patients of Dr. Erik Manos in Denver, CO who dream of having a straight, confident smile but who don’t want to endure traditional braces to do so can find a solution with Invisalign clear braces. With Invisalign, patients don’t have to feel self-conscious about their smile during treatment, but rather can have a comfortable, nearly invisible solution that works with their lifestyle. Invisalign clear aligners are made of soft, clear plastic custom designed for their teeth using advanced 3D imaging technology. These aligners are removable and are practically invisible when worn. Patients wear a series of aligners, switching them out approximately every two weeks, as they gradually shift teeth into alignment.

Invisalign is an effective solution for both teen and adult patients who have mild to moderate crowding, gapping, or misalignment of their teeth. Invisalign can also be effective in correcting mild to moderate bite issues. While the aligners are completely removable, patients are instructed to wear them all day and night, except for when eating and brushing and flossing. However, patients do have the flexibility to remove the aligners for special occasions, such as important meetings, presentations, photos, reunions, etc.

The treatment time for Invisalign patients can vary from just a few months to 18 months or more depending on the severity of alignment issues that need to be addressed. However, during that treatment time patients report feeling much less discomfort than patients with traditional braces because Invisalign uses different, gentler forces to shift teeth. Patients also have no restrictions as to foods they eat since the aligners are removed while eating. Invisalign patients tend to have better oral health following the course of treatment because the removable aligners allow them to brush and floss normally during treatment, unlike with traditional braces that require patients to purchase special products to properly floss and brush their teeth.

Invisalign is just one of the many services Dr. Manos and his staff offer at Accent Dental in Cherry Creek North. He and his staff offer general and cosmetic dentistry in a professional, yet relaxing atmosphere that makes patients’ experiences at the dentist both comfortable and rewarding. Patients often remark of the excellent bedside manner shown by Dr. Manos during dental procedures.

About Dr. Erik Manos

Dr. Manos is a graduate of Creighton University School of Dentistry and has been practicing dentistry for several years. He remains involved in continuing dental education courses to ensure he can offer his patients the latest and most advanced services available in the industry.

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