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Chau Composite Havico tells about the company and its products.

Composite materials are utilized in several products in different fields of life. Composite products have several benefits in both aesthetics and quality. Understanding the growing demand for such goods, Chau Composite Havico manufacture and distribute composite products. Being a leading unit in making and getting composite processing on-demand, the company owns a factory system with advanced technology per European standards. The company brings amazing quality products that satisfy the particular needs of the customers. The processed product line includes composite pool chairs, plant pots, tables and chairs and many other products upon request.

Composite bonsai pots are prepared from Chau Composite Havico with benefits, luxurious look and durability, gradually taking the place of traditional plant pots with different materials like terracotta, porcelain, cement, ceramic, etc., The trend of exterior and interior decoration with green plants is more and more popular, composite potted plants own a modern and sophisticated beauty. Outstanding designs, as well as colors, give an abundance of options. Customers can pick pots of various sizes and designs to suit the form of the plant as well as the complete design of the space. If customers plan a sitting arrangement near the indoor and outdoor pools, then a composite pool chair is the best option. It is made from strong fiberglass plastic, has a luxurious design and high durability. It is widely utilized to unwind after swimming or take a bath under the sun. Because of the top-quality composite material, the composite pool chair is quite lightweight, even though it is monolithic, still meeting the strict requirements of sturdiness and aesthetics. Next, Chau Composite Havico’s composite plastic tables and chairs are sophisticated and attract furniture. Compared to the tables and chairs from different materials like metal, PVC, wood, etc., the products are made by composite materials with long service life, high durability, and impact resistance. Also, the ability to process and form is good, so the product is different in designs and models.

Chau Composite Havico gets information from the customer, thereby providing advice on size, design, color, style, so on in order to give a complete overview of the product and the style that the product will bring. All product is manufactured utilizing advanced technology, products from composite materials are shipped with the best quality, customer care and warranty are also prioritized. The processing time is quick, and the price is always optimally calculated to enable customers to achieve quality products and save money in the best way. Chau Composite Havico is always confident to be a reputable and professional composite workshop that consumers can trust and own the best experience.
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About the Company: Chau Composite Havico is the leading provider of high-quality and durable composite products.

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Name: Mr. Tran Kim Tien
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Organization: HAVICO Trading and Service Co., Ltd
Address: 70 Street 33, Binh An Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Name: Mr. Tran Kim Tien
Email: Send Email
Organization: HAVICO Trading and Service Co., Ltd
Address: 70 Street 33, Binh An Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam