Charles A. Morehead III: Broward County Bar Association President

His dedication to the practice of law has earned Charles the highest “AV” rating from Martindale-Hubbell.

Charles A. Morehead III, an attorney in Fort Lauderdale was sworn in as the 91st president of the Broward County Bar Association. He has been a proud member of the Broward County Bar Association since 1985. As a member, Charles has continually contributed to the legal field in Broward County for over 30 years. He started his career at Fleming, O’Bryan, & Fleming. These initial partners in his professional development were the first to urge him to join the BCBA.

His focus has remained on personal injury law with partners Richard Abramowitz, Howard L. Pomerantz, Lyle M. Koenig, and Gena L. Cohen. His dedication to the practice of law has earned Charles the highest “AV” rating from Martindale-Hubbell. This is just one well-recognized rating group for attorneys. Many others like SuperLawyers have also recognized his dedication to the legal field, ranking him in the top 100 lawyers in the State of Florida for 2016-17

Charles A. Morehead III and his law firm in Fort Lauderdale has represented both individuals and corporations in state and federal courts. He also sets aside time to foster new talent in his firm. In 2016, he also serves as the President of the American Board of Trial Advocates, Ft Lauderdale chapter. He increased his involvement in the Broward County Bar Association in 2002. This planted a seed that only continued to grow. Like other innovators before him, he has been an active member of the Board of Directors since 2006. He continues to demonstrate a dedication to the legal community. As such, Morehead is often recognized for his willingness to take on unusual cases that other attorneys refuse.

By his own words, Mr. Morehead benefitted from other past presidents who encouraged him to get more involved. In 2002, then President Nancy Gregoire encouraged him to get more involved in the organization as his law partner. In 2006, Past President Steve Moody helped him join the board of directors when they became law partners. Since 2006, Morehead has continued to work with distinguished colleagues within the BCBA. This only increased his passion for the community as a whole.

What kind of plans does Charles A. Morehead III have for the BCBA? He has reiterated an ongoing partnership with the executive director Braulio Rosa to encourage growth. Morehead has also expressed the intention to continue to speak out on issues concerning the legal profession, including access to justice initiatives. He will continue to fight for the continued prosperity of the legal field in Broward County.

With ongoing growth under recent presidents, the Broward County Bar Association offers its support for the future goals of their new president. As Morehead puts it, “Our vigilance will be unwavering—that is a promise.”

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