Charix launches Crypto Project with a full-fledged E-commerce venture that donates 100% of profits to charity

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Charix Token ($CHARIX) is bent on prevailing over the Altcoin market as one of the world's first crypto projects with an E-commerce marketplace that donates 100% of profits to charity.

"We are on a mission to make the world a better place. Our charity aims to establish physical offices around the world, create jobs and hire employees. We seek to build a community that inspires and gives back," says Maximilian Uddhammar, developer of the project.

With this goal, Charix is scaling up efforts to reach a $1 billion market cap and become a world-renowned charity with physical offices and employees.

Charix bats for a project that bridges decentralized finance, philanthropy, E-commerce, and a vision to help the world while making investors wealthy.

Combining Crypto, E-commerce, charity

A first of its kind, Charix Token is one of the only few projects in the world that combines cryptocurrency, charity, and E-commerce that donates 100% of E-commerce profits to charity.

The team behind the venture started with two guys with a passion for helping people in need and have deployed several successful E-commerce ventures that generated millions of dollars.

"It's funny how life comes around. The thing is, as long as we have the opportunity to make this world a better place to live, we should grab that chance," Maximilian says.

Maximilian says Joakim Norberg, current Charix Vice President for Operations, was his former employee who is heavily invested in cryptocurrency.

"We decided to partner up together to combine our skills and push for a win for investors and the world," Maximilian says. "By donating a high percentage to charity while allocating resources to marketing, we create winners for both sides of the table."

Unlike other companies that donate 1% or 5% to charity, Maximilian says Charix donates 100% of its profits to charity.

The team has extensive experience in marketing with millions in ad spend from 10+ years of marketing and E-commerce experience.

"We will create added growth through a strategic influencer, celebrity, ambassador, and other partnerships, as well as accelerate ad spend allocation to grow maximum exposure. Together with our community, we will do everything it takes," Maximilian stressed.

CHARIX TOKEN aims to implement a beneficial strategy to the recipients outside its cryptocurrency while fully focusing on maximizing results for the engaged long-term HODLers.

"We believe in full transparency, in everything we do," Maximilian assures.

Along with its first charity donation in June, Charix Token is expanding its marketing collaborations to release a considerably significant marketing push in the same month.

With the expected success of Charix Token, Maximilian and Joakim vow to continue to innovate and promote goodwill movements, like scholarship funds or whichever area the community desires to aid the most.

For those interested in the token, the currency is currently available on PankcakeSwap V2 as part of the Smart Chain Binance Network.

To learn more about the project, sponsorships, details on how to become a partner, or simply know more about Charix, you may visit

Contact Info:
Name: Maximilian Uddhammar
Email: Send Email
Organization: Charix
Address: Sweden

Release ID: 89028302

Name: Maximilian Uddhammar
Email: Send Email
Organization: Charix
Address: Sweden