Charitable Cosmetics Brand CrushXO Leading Women’s Empowerment

Crushxo now focused on promoting various female-centric charities.

Launched in September, CrushXO’s core mission is to blend beauty with philanthropy. Their mission is to unite women to have the power to crush cancer, fear, insecurity, and gendercide from a place of love.

CrushXO’s ambassadors embody attitude and influence girls around the world to take action through social platforms. They have brought on social media influencers – Gigi Gorgeous, Nidhi Sunil, Montana Tucker, and Audreyana Michelle to lead the charge. Each ambassador focuses on promoting one of the four charities.

In a bid to support the #CRUSH CANCERXO cause, Gigi Gorgeous promotes various female-centric charities. Ten percent of all sales from the brand’s liquid lipstick shade, which is named after Gigi Gorgeous’ mother who died from breast cancer, will go towards supporting the “Keep a Breast Foundation”.

Nidhi Sunil is the ambassador for gendercide - #CRUSH GENDERCIDE. She’s a model from India and went to law school for environmental law. She has a passion for improving the way Indian culture treats women and girls.

Leading the charge against insecurity #CRUSH INSECURITY, Audreyana Michelle’s passion is for the community. She wants to help women have more confidence across the world.

Last but not least is Montana Tucker, who is the ambassador for #CRUSH FEAR. Her mission is to inspire girls by sharing their stories. She wants to install positive change in your women around the world by inspiring education, fearlessness, and leadership.

Recently, Crushxo has announced a 50% sale for its gemstone-infused range of makeup products on its online store. Customers will now get to shop and save money on some of their year-round favorite brands and limited-edition holiday bundles. Additionally, 5% of the company’s net sales are dedicated to their charitable causes that CrushXO supports, namely: #CRUSHCANCERXO, #CRUSH GENDERCIDEXO, #CRUSH INSECURITYXO, and #CRUSH FEARXO.

This offer includes both individual products and bundle deals on the company’s wide range of gemstone-infused lip products. The deal also covers its gemstone-infused facial products like powder, duo pallets, blending and smudging brushes, and eye shadow pallets among other facial products.

The offer is a rallying call on CrushXO’s customers to experience the incredible power of its range of cruel-free, vegan friendly, and gemstone infused makeup products. Customers can now “be the beauty as well as join the brand’s movement for change” in various parts of the world.

The latest offer comes at a time when CrushXO’s goal is to raise $20,000 to each of the non-profit organizations that it is currently supporting. Every woman can get behind this brand as it has a range of makeup products for each taste and embraces worthy charitable causes. The CrushXO’s mission, makeup products, as well as the women united by it can now enjoy this incredible discount and CRUSH fear, cancer, insecurity, and gendercide at the same time.

You can find CrushXO on their website, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram pages, which have more information about the personality of the company: vibrant, upbeat and full of color.

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