Chapter 3D shares Information Regarding Lens Fix

Chapter 3D shares some useful information and review of lens fix.

One of the top websites in Vietnam when it comes to reviewing and assessment of cameras and anything related to cameras is Chapter 3D. They have a team of a professional photographer that provides useful tips based on their experience. One of the people from the company talks about lens fix and how it is useful. Lens prime or commonly known as Lens fix are the lenses that have a fixed focal length. One can’t reduce or enlarge the frame using the lens fix. If someone wants to click a picture like a professional photographer, their camera should not have a fixed focal length as zooming is the essence of the perfect picture. In many high-quality cameras, lenses have either automatic or manual focus that helps in picturing appearing sharp and bright. Fixed focal lenses are more commonly used in mobile phones as they do not require a professional level of focus. Fixed focus lenses or non-focus lenses are made to focus on everything that there is in a frame. Autofocus lenses are far different from fixed focal lenses as one needs to adjust those lenses to get a sharp picture. One of the advantages of the lens fix is that it has a larger maximum aperture. Its aperture is better than the zoom lens. A fixed focus doesn’t compromise the quality of the image. It weighs less than a zoom camera and has a simple design. One of the biggest advantages is that it is cheaper than zoom lenses. lens fix also comes with some disadvantages, one of which is that it can’t zoom. When a person is getting fixed-focus lenses, they might have to buy 2-3 of them.

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