Change For A Dollar Vol. 1: A Requiem for a Hustle from Sankofa to be Released Soon

It has been announced that Sankofa's upcoming mix tape, Change for A Dollar Vol. 1: A Requiem for a Hustle, is set to be released soon with two singles already available on iTunes.

Hosted by Supastar J. Kwik, the up and coming mix tape 'Change for A Dollar Vol. 1: A Requiem for a Hustle' from Sankofa is set to be released soon. Two singles have already been released on iTunes, and this includes 'Losin It' produced by BeatG33kz and 'The Only South I Know' produced by Classic.

Sankofa has already enjoyed success on the Reverbnation Charts, reaching a local rank of number 7, a national rank of 91, and a global rank of 142. His music has been inspired by a number of factors, including becoming a father unexpectedly. His style has been described as being fresh yet old school, and visitors to his website will be able to check out Sankofa's music with access to a range of tracks.

Website visitors will also be able to connect with Sankofa on Facebook and see what people are saying about Sankofa. A number of DJs have given impressive feedback on Sankofa's work, with many enjoying the style and delivery of the music and its classic Texas sound.

DJ Dirty Dat Dude from Cool Running DJs said: “The artist sounds like a oldschool scarface/eightball/pimpc type of artist. He is spitting some super real shit. Sounds like what classic albums used to be made of.” Breezy from said: “ he is bringing the intelligent southern rap back, I love it.”

Speaking about the up and coming mix tape, Sankofa said: "I call it a "grits” tape 'cause it'll stick to your ribs. No microwave rap. It’s a metaphor just like the title says, just changing your mindset not just for a ‘dollar’ but for success as a whole. I rap but I live Hip Hop culture. I live Southern culture. I’m a Southern artist and won't a thing change that."

He also spoke about the fact that his music tells a story, adding: "It’s not enough to be lyrical and have people lost ‘cause you're using big words, and it’s not enough to say something that sounds cool with no substance to it. I can take a 10 minute drive and stand on the same corner MLK, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks stood. I know better than to leave that type of stuff out my rhymes. You have to be able to balance out giving people something to think about and learn from and have a good time. That's what I want my daughter to come up on. Edutainment!"

About Sankofa
With roots in Columbus, GA and Montgomery, AL, Sankofa blends old school and contemporary to create a unique style of music with a Texas twist.

Contact Info:
Name: Johnny Jackson
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Organization: Sankofa
Address: PO Box 361255 Decatur, GA 30036, United States
Phone: 706-615-2559

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