CGI Fan Explains How To Choose The Best Ice Ball Mold For Affordable Prices

CGI Fan has created an editorial explaining how people can choose the right ice ball mold for their needs from the new and affordable offerings in spicing up drinks presentation.

With winter nearing its end, already people are looking forward to the balmy spring and the heat of summer, clearing out the last vestiges of Turkey from the freezer and looking instead to fill it with ice to cool their cocktails. Ice cube trays are messy however, and everyone has experienced the annoyance of trying to pry cubes from plastic trays only for them to explode everywhere. Ice ball molds made of silicon provide a handy solution to this problem as well as adding a premium feel to hosting a party, and CGI Fan explains how to get hold of one of these simple but impactful home items.

The new post ( the advantages of the ice ball over the traditional ice cube, along with high quality imagery of the ice balls in action, and helpful information on the uses of ice balls and how to source ice ball molds quickly and easily online from recommended suppliers.

Products like these are readily available from Amazon ( and other popular online sales portals, and can make all the difference not just to the enjoyment of drinks on long hot afternoons, but in setting the tone for the event with a particular touch of class and originality.

A spokesperson for CGI Fan explained, “While the visual aesthetic of a perfectly formed ice sphere is something amazing to see and certainly adds a premium feel to serving drinks, the sphere also has a scientific aspect to it that makes it superior to the typical cube- it’s homogenous surface area distributes the endothermic reaction equally in all directions, cooling the drink more effectively and keeping it cold for longer. Our informative article is designed to explain the advantages of the ice ball and give helpful advice on sourcing ice ball makers from affordable and readily available online sources.”

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