Cestari Kitchen Launches Their Highly Anticipated Serrated Knife On Amazon

Cestari Kitchen has today announced the launch of their product, the serrated knife, which is the latest in a line of fantastic kitchen products and it is believed that it will be just as popular as their other utensils. As with most of their products, the serrated knife is available for purchase from Amazon.

"We ensure all our products can be purchased from Amazon," explains Susan MacDowell, from Cestari Kitchen. "We believe that Amazon is one of the safest shopping methods around, and we want to make sure that our customers have confidence in their shopping experience when they purchase our products."

Naturally, the details of the product itself are far more important than the fact that it can be purchased from Amazon. The Cestari Kitchen serrated knife is a true utility knife. Because of its serrated edge, it can cut anything from bread to vegetables without fail. The blade is ceramic, which means it never needs to be sharpened and will continue to perform for years. Indeed, Cestari Kitchen is so confident that the blade will maintain its sharpness forever that they offer a lifetime guarantee on the knife. This guarantee applies not just to the blade, but to the knife as a whole, no questions asked.

Additionally, the knife comes with a comfortable, rubberized handle. This makes the slicing or cutting job a breeze. The grip is completely ergonomic, which is also very important, as it allows for a comfortable and safe hold while using it.

"We believe in being healthy overall," added Susan MacDowell. "This means that we want to make sure our customers are encouraged to eat healthy fruits and vegetables and that they can enjoy these with ease. However, we also want to make sure they keep their bodies healthy while they are having nutritious meals. Hence, our ergonomic handle will never cause any pain or discomfort when using it."

The serrated knife, just as with other Cestari Kitchen products, is very easy to clean as well. It is dishwasher safe and will never rust. It also comes with a safety sheath, designed not just to keep the knife in good condition, but also to protect the hands of the people who use it. Additionally, Cestari Kitchen always ensures their products are made from a single polypropylene mold. In doing so, there are no seams in the knife, which means they are also incredibly hygienic and no bacteria or food residue can remain in the blade or its handle after it has been cleaned.

Cestari Kitchen is known for its fantastic quality of products and it looks like they have done it again with this new serrated knife. It is a fantastic utility knife that can do many jobs at once. The long, ceramic blade can easily slice through bread, vegetables, fruits and more. Further information about the Cestari Kitchen serrated knife can be obtained at http://www.amazon.com/Serrated-Knife or by using the contact details below.

Susan MacDowell - 978-800-1013 - support@cestarikitchen.com
Cestari Kitchen
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