Cesare Della Santina Proud To Announce The Expansion Of CDS Foods

The new facility offers a state-of-the-art refrigeration system and advanced storage capacity as well as more control and traceability on the products the company imports and sells.

Founder of CDS Foods and expert in fresh produce imports, Cesare Della Santina explains that culinary traditions help people connect to their national or ethnic group through similar food patterns to retain their cultural identity or build new connections in both formal and informal settings. In view of ever-growing demand for farm-planted crops in Canada, CDS Foods is pleased to announce the expansion of their business as they moved to a brand new warehouse located at the following address: 775 Boul. Lebeau, Montreal, QC, H4N 1S5 Canada.

The new facility offers a state-of-the-art refrigeration system and advanced storage capacity as well as more control and traceability on the products the company imports and sells. The new warehouse is fully compliant with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards and their Global G.A.P. requirements, ensuring confidence in the delivery of high quality food to consumers, while continuing to improve food safety throughout the company’s supply chain. Responding to the undersupply of garlic and onion production in Canada in the late 1990-s, Cesare Della Santina initially started as broker of three main produces – garlic, shallot, and ginger. Imported garlic and shallot products are of a greater demand in the country since their domestically planted alternatives are higher in price and more difficult to grow, mainly due to climate threats and fluctuating weather, as these crops are sensitive to moisture and cold. CDS Foods currently imports from regions that have no shortage in supply, including China, Spain, USA, Mexico, Argentina, and is now focusing on new origins, with India, Peru, and Chili at the forefront of agricultural production upsurge. For comparison, 68 percent of Canada’s garlic is imported from China.

Recent decades have seen a steady increase in popularity of garlic and shallot, among other fresh vegetables of the onion genus, as well as ginger produce both for their culinary consumption and medicinal purposes. Health benefits of garlics are mainly attributed to its antibiotic and antioxidant effects, while also proved effective in the reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Ginger is widely used for improved digestion and absorption of food, along with its antiseptic properties. Today, the company’s assortment of products has grown considerably, as have their geographic origins, growers, and partners. Having started with just three signature products, the company’s product range has expanded to include pomelo, dragon fruit, Asian pears, peeled garlic, taro, and City Snacks, amongst others.

Cesare Della Santina launched his career in the food industry from humble beginnings in the late 80’s. He has developed an unmatched professional expertise in the produce business through years of work with retail stores, customer service and wholesale, with passion for delivering naturally grown and farm-planted fruits and vegetables. With inception of his own company in 2000, he rapidly expanded its client base and a variety of agricultural goods, successfully shaping the firm as an importer with a full line of specialty products. Rebranded in 2013, CDS Foods continues to serve their customers with excellence, offering top quality products at an utmost competitive price.

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