Certified Kind Expands Industry-Leading Legal Marijuana Certification Program

Expanded program helps to identify legal marijuana producers who abide by strict, Earth-friendly production standards while treating workers well, Certified Kind reports

Certified Kind, the nation's leading organic cannabis certification body, announced that the company has expanded its certification program. The Certified Kind™ designation is now available to qualifying marijuana growers and edible product manufacturers wherever state laws sanction such activity, and Certified Kind, LLC, inspectors are prepared to travel as necessary to conduct assessments. Founded by a pair of longtime organic inspectors, Certified Kind offers the most rigorous, trustworthy, and widely recognized organic marijuana certification available.

"With Oregon and Alaska passing their own legalization initiatives and the District of Columbia relaxing its laws substantially," Certified Kind co-founder Andrew Black said, "legal marijuana is clearly here to stay. Certified Kind's recent expansion of our certification program is going to help ensure that growers, sellers, and buyers can all enjoy the benefits of the Certified Kind™ program." A recent study by Arcview Market Research found that the legal marijuana market in the United States was worth a total of $1.44 billion in 2013, with that figure expected to grow to at least $2.3 billion this year. Thousands of marijuana-related jobs have already been created in states where traditional prohibitions against the substance have been relaxed or done away with, and some experts feel that total legal marijuana-related activity will top $10 billion by 2018.

Certified Kind was founded to address a glaring hole in this important new market. Although marijuana users are generally highly conscious of issues like sustainability and pesticide use in the context of marijuana growing, federal regulations do not allow for the use of the term "organic" by growers. The Certified Kind™ program covers this need and more, with the mark signifying that growers and producers of edible, marijuana-containing goods engage in the sorts of earth- and labor-friendly practices that marijuana buyers are most likely to demand and appreciate.

Certified Kind's simple, straightforward certification program can now be used by growers and edibles producers whose activities are legal in the states they operate in. Participation in the program involves an initial visit to the farm or production facility in question by a Certified Kind inspector, through which initial adherence to the stringent Certified Kind regulations will be checked. Further annual inspections are required for the continued display of the certification, with any evolution of standards being communicated clearly and well ahead of time to program participants, as necessary.

The high standards and professional nature of the Certified Kind program have already made it the industry's most respected medical marijuana certification. The recent expansion of the company's certification program will help more growers and producers to obtain this valuable, distinctive designation, a development that will also allow buyers to more easily obtain legal marijuana that is grown using sustainable, green techniques. Those interested in learning more about the Certified Kind™ certification program can do so at the company's website.

About Certified Kind LLC:
Addressing an important need in a new and fast-growing market, Certified Kind inspects and certifies legal marijuana producers and processors for compliance with a strict set of standards designed to ensure Earth-friendly practices.

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