Centura Tile Releases Workplace Safety Tips for Avoiding Slip and Fall Injuries

Centura Tile releases various safety tips to prevent slip and fall injuries

Centura Tile (www.Centura.ca), North America’s premier distributor of both residential and commercial floor and wall fashions, is releasing a number of safety tips for businesses and workplaces looking to reduce the occurrence of slip and fall injuries.

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, over 42,000 workers are annually injured from slip and fall accidents. This makes up about 17% of time-loss injuries across the country. (Source: “Prevention of Slips, Trips and Falls,” Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety web site; http://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/safety_haz/falls.html, last accessed September 4, 2015.)

"Slips are a result of a problem with friction," says Ross Keltie, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Centura Tile. "Something like water, oil, a spilled drink, poor traction materials, or a loose rug or mat can cause people to stumble or slip and fall."

Even if workers are aware of a potential risk, they may still slip when trying to clean up or walk around the affected area, depending on its size. One method to reduce slip and fall injuries is to use workplace-safe flooring options, says Keltie.

"There are certain products, such as Roppe’s ‘SafeTcork’ rubber flooring, that can provide traction even if wet. This is because of the nature of the rubber, the traction provided by the tread pattern, and the natural cork mixed in,” Keltie explains. “Such flooring is ideal for locations like educational settings, assisted living facilities, churches, and any other high-traffic multipurpose room."

One advantage of rubber tiles over other non-slip coatings is that the non-slip trait of rubber is an inherent quality of the material. Since it isn't from a sprayed-on coating, it is less liable to wearing off or needing replacement. Additional flooring options include the “Mat Tech” line of ergonomic mats that are easy on the muscles and can promote blood flow in workers who are on their feet most of the day. They are best employed in areas where fatigue relief is a high priority.

“The SafeTcork Rubber products are also more environmentally sound. All SafeTcork rubber tiles are made with post-industrial cork that would otherwise be literally put to waste,” Keltie adds. “The cork also enhances the slip resistance of the tile, improving traction when wet by up to 20% compared to pure rubber tile.” (Source: “SafeTcork,” Roppe web site; http://www.roppe.com/documents/brochures/ROPPE%20SafeTcorkBrochure%20WEB.pdf, last accessed September 3, 2015.)

"The ability to be eco-friendly with renewable and natural materials like cork and natural rubber is always a boon," Keltie concludes. "It's also beneficial that SafeTcork is completely PVC-free."

The SafeTcork rubber tiles are available in 78 different colours and “Fiesta” patterns and 10 different tread designs, meaning 780 possible combinations are available to consumers. For more information on the SafeTcork rubber tile and other safe products, view Centura Tile's catalogue at www.Centura.ca.

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