Centura Tile Expresses Excitement For New Geometric Shape Discovery

Centura Tile, North America's premier distributor of both residential and commercial floor and wall fashions, discusses the discovery of a new pentagon shape and the implications for tiling.

Centura Tile (www.Centura.ca), North America's premier distributor of both residential and commercial floor and wall fashions, is thrilled by the discovery of a new geometric shape and the implications it can have for interior design and tile manufacturing.

The discovery, made by researchers at Washington University, mathematically shows a new type of pentagon that can be used to “tile a plane”—a term that refers to filling a given area without overlapping or leaving spaces. This is the first such pentagon to be found in 30 years, and the 15th overall.

“From a math perspective, this is the equivalent of discovering a new atomic particle,” explains Ross Keltie, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Centura Tile. “From a tiling perspective, it also opens many new design possibilities.”

Tiling a plane using one or more geometric shapes, or creating organized patterns of geometric shapes, is also known as tessellation. According to Keltie, the resulting designs can be complex and beautiful, or simple and elegant.

“The ability to tessellate without leftover space is very valuable in tiling beyond mere efficiency. Humans have a natural appreciation for patterns. The brain is hard-wired to see and seek them out—producing a consistent pattern of shapes. This new discovery will almost certainly lead to new design opportunities,” says Keltie, who also notes that tiling a plane is also important in manufacturing. “Being able to use shapes that leave no leftover space is essential in reducing waste when cutting materials like sheet metal or ceramic.”

Centura Tile has been a staple of interior design throughout Canada since 1933. Its showroom hosts a wide selection of floor and wall tiles at affordable prices for both contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners. For more information on Centura Tile's products, browse the catalogue at http://www.centura.ca.

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