Centura Tile Announces Partnership with Tarkett and Addition of Child-Safe, Phthalate-Free Flooring to Product Offerings

Centura Tile is announcing its new partnership with Tarkett to offer vinyl tiles free of a chemical suspected to cause IQ drops and endocrine damage in children.

Centura Tile (www.Centura.ca), North America’s premier distributor of both residential and commercial floor and wall fashions, is announcing its partnership with Tarkett and its environmentally and child-safe selection of vinyl flooring in light of recent reports about the dangers of phthalates in vinyl flooring products.

A recent study by Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families and the Ecology Center found that 38 out of 65 examined vinyl flooring products contained phthalates, a chemical that can be harmful to children. (Source: Isidore, C., “Home Depot to remove toxic chemical from vinyl flooring,” CNN web site, April 22, 2015; http://money.cnn.com/2015/04/22/news/companies/home-depot-vinyl-floor-chemical/index.html.) In light of this information, Centura Tile announces that its partnership with the Tarkett flooring company has enabled Centura Tile to offer Tarkett’s child-safe, phthalate-free lines of FiberFloor across Canada.

"Children are especially vulnerable to phthalates because they spend so much time on the floor, whether playing or crawling," observes Ross Keltie, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Centura Tile. "Children are also more vulnerable to allergens and Tarkett’s commitment to healthier indoor environments is paralleled by none—Tarkett FiberFloor is currently the only flooring company with flooring products to be certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation. The certification is for the complete system: materials (flooring and adhesive), installation method, cleaning, and maintenance.”

Phthalates are used in numerous cosmetic and plastic products, including soap, shampoo, shower curtains, plastic wrap, and plumbing pipes. They are a suspected endocrine disruptor associated with IQ drops and endocrine damage in children among other documented side effects. (Source: “Phthalates,” U.S. National Library of Medicine web site; http://toxtown.nlm.nih.gov/text_version/chemicals.php?id=24, last accessed June 3, 2015.)

"There are regulations limiting phthalates to under 0.1% in toys, but no such restrictions exist for flooring,” Keltie adds. “Considering how much time kids spend on the floor and how often they put stuff in their mouths, the problem is obvious."

“As of yet, there are no conclusive studies showing clear links between phthalates and the suspected exposure effects, but this has not deterred Centura Tile from being proactive on the matter,” Keltie concludes. "Even without conclusive studies, the use of Tarkett’s FiberFloor is still a safe step to take, not to mention you will also end up with a beautiful, durable floor."

Centura Tile has been a staple of interior design throughout Canada since 1933. Its showrooms host a wide selection of floor tiles and wall tiles at affordable prices for both contractors and DIY homeowners and has recently added four tile product lines from Tarkett, available upon order. Centura Tile's catalogue can be found at www.Centura.ca.

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