Centreville Spa offers New Massage Services due to Recent Findings in Integrative Medicine

Experts of the Australasian Integrative Medical Association assert massage can useful in integrative medicine.

Dr. Lily Tomas of the Australasian Integrative Medical Association has claimed that massage can be a useful component in integrative medicine. Bellezza Spa hopes to promote this information to consumers who are looking for massage in centreville va by offering a range of massage services including a full body massage in addition to disseminating the material in their online blog.

Dr. Lily Tomas is a GP who has published several journals on the topic of integrative medicine. Recently, Dr. Tomas argued for the benefits of massage. An article featured on an Australian news website Dr. Tomas stated, "During a massage, physiological and involuntary changes take place in many body systems, including our nervous, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems as well as our endocrinological (hormone) and immune systems".

According to Dr. Tomas the health and wellness benefits of a massage occur during the actual massage in addition to a period of time post passage. In the same article she affirmed, ""These changes are the health and wellness benefits that can be attributed to massage, and extend well after the time when a massage has finished."

While there are many skeptics of the benefits of massage, Dr. Tomas cited significant research by claiming, "Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, and there are a number of additional physiological changes that occur and contribute to the overall feeling of relaxation we experience during and post-massage."

Bellezza Spa has always been a voice in the health & wellness community of the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area. The belief in the positive impacts of massage has served as the organizations inspiration for developing their wide range of traditional and signature massage services.

Bellezza Spa has an active online blog where interested consumers can stay informed on the latest topics in the field. When asked about Dr. Tomas's public statement on massages, Bellezza Spa's general manager stated, "It is wonderful to see a respected member of the medical community acknowledge the true benefits of massage."

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