Centralized Vision Commemorates Ten-Year Anniversary in Video Security Industry

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Advancements over the past decade barely scratch the surface of the possibilities in security monitoring, publishes centralizedvision.com

Considerable strides have been made in security video monitoring since its initial patent approval in 1969. While the theory behind the strategy remains much the same as the original design created by Marie Van Brittan Brown, modern technology has led to a number of evolutions in this sector. Though these are welcomed advancements among property owners across the nation, many companies offering security services have yet to use the full scope of new equipment and tactics available to clients' fullest advantages.

This issue was quickly realized by Tom Vigilante, former Executive Vice President of Vigilante Security Services. After recognizing the need for real-time camera monitoring throughout the field, Tami and Tom Vigilante established Centralized Vision to bridge the growing gap in the industry. The company, now a front runner in the security field, has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Said Vigilante, "It was clear in those early days, companies were making significant investments in surveillance camera systems but were not utilizing the camera systems effectively or at all. We concluded that after a minimal compatibility inspection of the equipment, we could determine the requirements necessary to begin remote monitoring. From this point, all that was left to accomplish was establishing an internet connection into clients' DVR systems. Once these simple steps were completed, centralized vision was able to provide real-time monitoring. This remains true to this day, but now it's even easier."

The company has received recognition by various industries across the country for its contribution to camera monitoring in phoenix and beyond, yet Vigilante notes his proudest achievement has been being touted for the past 6 years as one of the top 10 best service providers in the security sector. Over the past two years alone, Centralized Vision has experienced an estimated 60 percent growth rate.

Having sponsored an array of events, charities and youth sports teams over the years, Vigilante plans to continue the company tradition of giving back to the community, stating, "It is truly fulfilling to us, and being able to impact the lives of others gives us great joy." Within the past 5 years, the company has additionally launched their Smart Partner Program, giving equipment integration companies the ability to resell Centralized Vision's services as their own to generate new revenue and create leverage against the ever-growing competition.

"Looking back over the past 10 years, it's easy to see that our organization has come a long way. Our company was born with the idea that LIVE video monitoring, occurring pro-actively rather than re-actively, would have a significant impact in the marketplace, and were we right. As a result of our foresight, corporations both small and large from all over the country have become a part of our program," Vigilante went on to say.

Exposure to these corporations and being challenged by implementation of new systems besides surveillance led the Centralized Vision team to begin offering complete systems monitoring, including camera surveillance, access control, audio speaking, HVAC, panic button, water bug, access gates and server infrastructures. They also coined the phrases: virtual guard, virtual engineer, virtual greeter and virtual concierge. The company's future initiatives include offering customers in-house video archiving and a parking management program.

Concluded Vigilante, "After 10 years in the industry, we still feel like we've only just scratched the surface. Be it that we are one of only a dozen or so companies across the U.S. offering a monitoring service not associated to burglar alarm monitoring, we feel our future is bright, and significant growth lies ahead."

About Centralized Vision:

Backed by decades of industry experience, the staff of Centralized Vision provides innovative around-the-clock pro-active security monitoring solutions for the protection of people and property around the country.

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