Cemoto Aims To Revolutionize Cycle Commuting With New Hybrid Bikes

Cemoto is an electric bicycle company that is committed to easing the transition to pedal powered transport for the health of the rider and the environment. They recently made their bikes available in the USA and Canada.

Cycling is one of the oldest forms of mechanical transport, and still remains one of the most popular. For generations however the internal combustion engine has required people to simply squeeze pedals rather than rotate them, and as such has been considered a superior mode of transport despite the fact cars commuting typically carry one passenger in a vehicle made for four at speeds that make use of less than 10% of the engine’s power. In a bid to convince pedal squeezers to become pedal pushers, Cemoto have revolutionised the bicycle with a long range electric motor.

The motor packs what car enthusiasts would consider a paltry three hundred watts, and yet the fully charged 36 volt 10 amp-hour battery enables commuters to travel up to an astonishing 40 kilometres per charge under exclusively motor power. Of course this distance is increased significantly when the pedal-assist mode is engaged.

Not only are the bikes revolutionary but they are also stylish, comfortable and easy to use. The Cemoto AEB-06 comes in a range of dashing colors with numerous optional extras, and is ideal for the city commuter. It also costs less than the vast majority of performance road bikes without motors. The pedal-assist electric bicycle even comes in foldable form, meaning those who take trains can store it effectively away.

Cemoto has celebrated their North American launch with a new website and free shipping pledge throughout mainland USA and Canada.

A spokesperson for Cemoto explained their approach, “We have made numerous changes to our online presence to make our bikes easier and more affordable, including a new design layout with fast and secure checkout procedures and free shipping throughout the US and Canada. This is because we are so eager in our mission to convert the public over to electric powered commuting. We’re confident that our electric bike will become the new industry leader in this burgeoning field because they are not just revolutionary but affordably priced, and we promise to keep them that way as we head into a bright future.”

About Cemoto:
Cemoto is an online retailer of electric bicycles featuring pedal-assist technology. They are seeking to revolutionize the industry by providing true commuter-inspired electric bicycles that cover longer distances than any other electric bike on the market. Combining a 300 watt motor and 36 volt battery, the bike can ease long uphill climbs or drive itself through long straights.

Contact Info:
Name: David Nickerson - CEO/Alex O'Dell - Director of Operations
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Organization: Cemoto Electric Bicycles
Phone: 519-300-3560
Website: http://www.cemoto.com/

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