Cement, Metal, And Soar Panels Are The Best Roofing Materials For Cold Climates

Some materials are made to withstand cold and harsh weather, while others perform better in hot and dry climates.

Homeowners looking to roof or re-roof their houses must stumble upon the many different roofing materials in the process. It is important to note that not all roofing material perform the same way in different kinds of weather. Some materials are made to withstand cold and harsh weather, while others perform better in hot and dry climates.

For states with cold climates that experience lots of rain, hail, and snow, the three best materials to have on a roof are cement, metal, and solar panels.

Cement is a great option for roofing as it is very strong and durable. It comes in many colors and styles and can keep the cold out very well due to its heavy weight; which is equivalent to three layers of asphalt shingles. Cement is made of sand, cement, and pigments, so they are not only very capable of enduring harsh winters, they are also fireproof.

Metal is a very strong material for a roof as well. Houses with metal roofing have the advantage of preventing the formation of icicles, as metal roof forces snow and ice to slide off of it. Moreover, metal roofs can also be fitted with heating cables and snow guards, which work to stop snow sheets from falling at once, but rather allows chunks of snow to slide off in smaller pieces. Homeowners going with this option should note that their roofs should be large enough to prevent snow falling to the ground from blocking any entrances or access to the home. To learn more about the benefits of metal roofing, follow this link.

Solar panels are also great options, whether active or passive. They do not only generate heat, thus melting off ice and snow, they are also very energy-efficient. Active solar panels, also known as photovoltaic panels, generate energy by converting sunlight into electricity. On the other hand, passive solar panels, actually catch hot air and lead it into a house’s heating system, as they are made of curved glass. Furthermore, snow and ice melt as the panels rise in temperature.

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