Cellcom Communications Trends On Twitter With #Cellcomlove Samsung Galaxy S5 Competition

Cellcom Communications has taken advantage of Canada day to create a promotion that has set Canadian Tweeters on fire, with #cellcomlove trending on the social networking site for a chance to win a Galaxy S5.

Canada Day is on the 1st July every year, and is a chance for Canadians to show their pride in their nation and their moderate, liberal values, multicultural tolerance, nationalized healthcare, maple leaves and everything quintessentially Canadian. It’s also a great time to show that pride through social media, accordingly Canadian phone provider Cellcom Communications has created a social media competition to win a brand new Galaxy S5 by showing Canadian Pride before July 10th.

The competition was designed to help Canadians get involved with the national spirit of the day. Users tweet a photo of themselves with the hashtag #cellcomlove looking as Canadian as humanly possible, and the photos with the most likes will win its taker a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 absolutely free.

The promotion is typically Canadian and urges snappers to stay within the bounds of decency and decorum, but to let their most Canadian traits be known by artistically representing the pinnacle of Canadianness.

The competition runs until July 10th but early posters have the best chance to accrue the most likes and stand the best chance of winning, unless a creative genius can create an image that takes the country by storm.

A spokesperson for Cellcom Communications explained, “Canada day is the best day of the year, but we believe that Canadian pride is passionate enough to be seen for at least ten days, and that’s how long our competition is going to run. We want people to embrace this national holiday, and the traditions and future of nation and represent it through images, using Twitter as a powerful social bonding tool to show not just Canadians but the world how great a nation we are. To help people do that, we’re offering a Samsung Galaxy S5 completely free to whoever gets the most likes for their photo and best represents pure, distilled Canada.”

About Cellcom Communications:
Founded in 1985, shortly after the introduction of the mobile industry in Canada, Cellcom was one of Bell's first dealers in this field. The business soon made its mark on the industry due to its leadership and now has more than 15 Bell affiliate stores in the Greater Montreal area, as well as a dedicated sales team to service the needs of business clientele.

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