Celebrity Images Now Receives 200,000 Visitors A Month To Its Library of Over 3.5m Pictures

Celebrity Images has record visitor numbers for December 2016 as their image catalogue exceeds 3.5 million images of over 300,000 different celebrities.

Celebrities capture people’s imaginations because they are at the forefront of our media, and in the heart of the stories they tell. Whether athletes, politicians or actors, their image is something that captivates millions around the world. Celebrityimages.org is a website that aims to make images of celebrities accessible to all, and has now amassed a library of more than 3.5 million pictures. The site now exceeds 200,000 unique visitors a month, and has plans to increase this number exponentially in the coming year.

Celebrity Images (http://celebrityimages.org) has a comprehensive library, which is being constantly updated by a team of dedicated researchers who find, authenticate and distribute images of celebrities free of charge. The images in the library are kept current, meaning celebrities appear both in classic images and in contemporary ones. The library has attracted a growing number of users as word spreads of this important and helpful resource.

After the milestone of 200,000 unique visitors a month was passed, the team re-dedicated themselves to increase the functionality of the site, including a responsive architecture to load seamlessly on any device, and a server upgrade to handle the increase in traffic.

A spokesperson for Celebrity Images explained, “We are now on another level of operation altogether. This amount of traffic has come upon us all of a sudden, but we have reacted quickly and we are now in a position to offer a better service than ever to more people than ever. Our website has become popular thanks to the natural appetites of the public for celebrity imagery, and we hope to be the number one resource for celeb pictures in 2017. That starts with the hardware upgrades, but we are also going to refine our site’s user experience, to reward those who have helped us get to this stage.”

About Celebrity Images: Celebrity Images is an online resource center that helps people find images of their favorite celebrities to use in blog posts, social media posts and more. The website has a comprehensive library of images for over three hundred thousand celebrities, amounting to more than two terabytes of data on their servers at any one time.

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