Celebrities Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial Now Available in St Louis, Missouri

Professional Makeup Artist, Mimi Nikolova, is the only provider of the "celebrities" treatment of Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial in St Louis and the state of Missouri.

Wedding magazine calls Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial the “Bridal Facial” and celebrities call it “The Fountain of Youth” because it is a profoundly effective beauty treatment. This treatment is a total skincare philosophy based on the concept that skin hydration is a critical component for vital and healthy looking skin. It works to provide instant results that continue to improve the look, feel and vitality of the skin for days after the initial treatment. For best results, weekly treatments, scheduled over a six week period are recommended.

An Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial treatment is conducted by applying oxygen under pressure directly to the skin’s surface. This works to cool and calm the skin as it is restored to a naturally beautiful glow of good health. The treatment is so soothing that Pop Music Icon, Madonna, comments, "I love the Intraceuticals treatment, so does my face."
Professional Makeup Artist, Mimi Nikolova, is the only provider of this star preferred treatment in the entire state of Missouri. For the past 14 years, she has become an expert in her industry working with brands such as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, La Prairie, Christian Dior, Chantecaille, Make Up Forever, Sundari, E’Spa, Chanel, Armani and many more of the world's premiere beauty establishments. Her expertise is now devoted to offering the best quality in makeup and beauty treatments.

There are a variety of Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatments to address every beauty challenge. The age defying oxygen infusion, where the rejuvenate and atoxelene infusions work together in a way that significantly reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. This treatment also tightens and firms the skin for a more defined facial contour. The Rejuvenate Restoring Infusion is a skin quenching treatment that includes a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants that is deeply infused into the skin to instantly hydrate, firm and lift the skin. This is a safe treatment for every skin type including sensitive or stressed skin. There is also the Opulence Brightening Infusion which includes a super concentrated dose of Vitamin C and natural plant extracts. This treatment safely and naturally evens out skin tones while creating new found luminosity and radiance.

About Mimi Nikolova:
As a long time beauty expert and professional makeup artist, Mimi Nikolova, who currently resides in the St Louis, Missouri area, offers many makeup services and has found that Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial treatments have absolutely amazing effects for both male and female clients of any age.

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