CCI Plumbing & Heating Now Offering Non-Commission Based Services

CCI Plumbing & Heating launches guaranteed pricing structure guaranteeing Denver consumers of no surprise plumbing

According to statistics released by, the average cost Americans spend on a plumber nationwide is $324. However, this total takes into consideration it costs over $2,000 to have a shower or sink installed and an average of $243 for repair on a clogged drain. With costs like this to consider, many homeowners and commercial entities are leery about hiring a plumber, never knowing what to look for in a service say plumbers in Denver.

Joe Julia, owner of CCI Plumbing & Heating, a Denver plumbing company, says they often field questions from concerned consumers. Explains Julia, "If you have had to call a plumber lately, you may have noticed how the services have changed. Most local plumbing services have become more worried about training a salesmen instead of a plumber. With the plumbers now working on an hourly rate, they can come out and drag their feet, make the job take twice as long and make you pay twice as much for a job that may not have been done right."

The answer for many Denver plumbers is to offer a non-commission based service. Says Julia, "If you hire non-commission based plumbers for your emergency or installation job, you know the exact price of the job from the beginning. You're not at the mercy of someone who lingers on and on, charging you by the hour." Julia continues, explaining. "A non-commission based plumbing service is preferable because you aren’t going to be surprised by how much the price ends up being, once they complete the task. Plus, you know that you are getting a well trained and highly skilled plumber on the job. Whether you are looking for a residential plumbing or commercial plumbing specialist, you can find them among these non commission plumbers."

Julia advises it's always best to find a quality plumber before you have an emergency, and get a quote before he comes out to your house. "If you can’t get a real quote on the phone, how are you going to be able to shop around and get a plumber that is in your price range, or even compare prices properly? If you call a plumber who gives you a fair quote right up front, then you can get the right plumber the first time, without wasting any time or money."

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CCI Plumbing & Heating, in business since 1989, started with one truck and have since expanded to serve Colorado with eight. In the same location for over 20 years, they pride themselves on quality work and exemplary service for all their customers. CCI Plumbing and Heating currently offers full-service residential and commercial plumbing, furnace and heating repair, frozen pipe replacement, clogged pipe maintenance and sewer line service and repairs.

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