Cat’s Meow Toy Comes Under The Gaze of Specialist Consumer Review Site You’re Not Stupid

You’re Not Stupid reviews the Cat’s Meow Toy in order to give honest consumer feedback a professional gloss for potential buyers to make informed decisions.

There are at any given time far more things available to buy than there are people on earth alive to buy them. It is no wonder then that discerning consumers can get overwhelmed by a phenomenon known as ‘choice paralysis’, when massive competition in the free market results in them simply not buying anything at all. One solution has been to read reviews online to find the best version of a product in a given category, and consumer review site You’re Not Stupid has become a consumer favorite for reviews. The site collates reviews by professional writers who also happen to be product users, giving readers professional insights from actual consumers.

The latest review is of the Cat’s Meow Toy, an automated device comprising a yellow fabric disk under which a moving part with a red tail rotates, simulating the movement of a mouse. The device continues to run even after cats succeed in ‘catching’ the mouse, so as soon as they release the game continues.

The Cat’s Meow Toy review is written about the writer’s two cats, each with their own personalities and needs, and how the device meets these needs effectively. A detailed list of pros and cons is provided as well as a final verdict. On top of the review, the site’s editor gives the product a rating out of five stars.

A spokesperson for You’re Not Stupid explained, “Our unique format really does make sure to include everything a person might need to know about a product before they purchase, and we have product reviews on a vast range of categories; not just cat and dog toys, but on children’s toys, electronics, homeware and more. The reviews we generate are written from the perspective of the writer’s real life experiences, but come with the depth of insight expected from professional reviewers, making them the most robust source for information and opinion on the net. Once they find us, users keep coming back for more. After researching other Cat’s Meow Toy reviews we know ours is the most comprehensive while still providing the facts in a succinct manor.”

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