Cathy Purdy of Purdy Trademarks LLC Continues To Garner Reviews From Business Owners

Providers of innovative business solutions, Purdy Trademarks LLC, receives accolades from clients for their range of services

Experienced accountant Cathy Purdy has continued to help businesses, especially small enterprises, get around with their finances as well as other seemingly petty yet important parts of their operations while allowing owners to focus on growing their brand and getting more sales. She founded Purdy Trademarks LLC to take businesses through their formation process to the point where they can stand tall in their respective industries.

“I like to not only form your business entity but would like to show you how to run your business,” said Cathy Purdy.

Entrepreneurs sometimes get overwhelmed by the euphoria of starting their business and becoming their own bosses. Unfortunately, there is more to becoming a successful entrepreneur than having a groundbreaking idea that could bring solutions to problems. Cases of intellectual property theft have brought to bear the need to safeguard ideas, which further underlines the imperativeness of having a trademark. Effective trademark management is important for leveraging intellectual property assets and guarding the organization against threats to its brand. Unfortunately, thousands of entrepreneurs pay little attention to this side of their business. However, Cathy Purdy and the Purdy Trademarks LLC are looking to change this narrative with their range of small business consulting services.

Purdy Trademarks LLC offers a plethora of solutions to help businesses compete favorably in their sector without falling on the wrong side of the law. Cathy Purdy leverages her years of experience as a professional accountant to help businesses put their books in order while also guiding them through the process of business formation, corporate income tax, federal trademarks, and copyrights, and small business accounting.

As a one-stop-shop for success-oriented entrepreneurs, Purdy Trademarks LLC also guides owners of small businesses on how to set up their business to attract their target audience and grow with time. Purdy Trademarks LLC has a team of professionals with the requisite knowledge to deliver incorporation services for LLC, Scorp, and non-profits in all states across the U.S.

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