Catcoin Launches: A Crypto Token for Cat Lovers

The Catcoin Token Is Available On PancakeSwap

The Catcoin team is pleased to announce the release of its Catcoin token “with the intention to connect cat lovers worldwide.” It is a community-driven project where every member of the community has a role to play in giving the project the needed publicity and acceptance, factors that will increase the token’s appreciation over time.

According to the Catcoin team, the project was created on the Binance Smart Chain Network to take advantage of the low fees and competition. To ensure that the community has full ownership of the token, the liquidity was burned completely while the contract’s ownership was renounced.

The token has a beneficial reflective function that allows your cats to multiply automatically. The CATS you own will grow over time. The Reflection tool will come in handy in tracking your reflections and calculating the number of Lambo you own.

Reflection Tracker

The team has created a reflection tracker also called Reflection Cat that “will allow token holders to track the distribution they received by owning the token,” thanks to the token reflection system incorporated into the project. With the aid of this simple tool, users can calculate their profits and earnings.


Simplification is the driving factor behind Catnip, a communication tool for various cryptocurrency applications. The team’s objective is to enable users to simplify all common cryptocurrency activities such as transferring and exchanging digital currencies.

For instance, the team will create an application that will combine several crypto operations while simultaneously networking with other like-minded people.

The goal is to drive efficient and simple crypto operations and build a community of users by combining the power of the decentralized ecosystem and a growing community.


• Symbol: CATS.
• Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000.
• Circulating supply: 998.8TR.
• Reflection: 2%.
• Fees (Buy/Sell): 1.6%/2%.
• Slippage: 3-5%.
• Development token: 1%.

Cat lovers across the globe can support the cat community by supporting an organization that supports cats’ well-being. The mission is to “treat, adopt, and lovingly care for cats.” Cat lovers who wish to be a part of this laudable project can visit and search for “Cat Cove Pet Rescue.”

The Cat Cove has a mission: adopt cats and lovingly care for them. Your support for the cat community doesn’t come at a price.

How to Buy Catcoin

The team makes it easier for prospective users to buy the coin with ease. You can purchase Catcoin with ETH as well:

• Metamask

Simply create a wallet at or use any BEP-20 supporting wallet to buy the token.

• PancakeSwap

Head to PancakeSwap and buy a bunch of CATS.

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Organization: Catcoin

Release ID: 89058304