Catamarans market is Growing and new players appear.

More and more yards offer motor catamarans.

More and more yards offer motor catamarans. A clear sign that more and more yachtsmen are buying them. If finding a non-sailing multi-hull 20 years ago was so hard, today there are many manufacturer involved in this kind of production.

Why this change? First of all, because we have seen that many sailing cat owners used their boats only with engines: so it is worth taking away the tree and all the reinforcements it needs. But the benefits of the cat are many.

The reason of this success in the market are many:

Cat are much larger
Cat are more stable at anchor and at sea
No more fragility in the connection deck
Much more space available
Greatest privacy on board
Much more fuel efficiency

This year we noticed many new player entering in this market with different products but it is from the UAE that will arrive something special in the US and European coast thanks to Riviera Boat with it’s brand Rcat, positioned
as the first manufactuer of pleasure and commercial catamaran in the GCC area.

In production we will find 3 model in different Versions, Rcat38 hardtop, Rcat38 King fisher and Rcat 50.
The models will be soon available in US The West Coast and in South of France.

We asked to Giovanni Sorrentino, senior engineer in Riviera Boat, what are they expecting from US and Europe:
we launched a clear signal to America and European boatbuilder and boat owner: it is possible to build a Catamaran with the same feature or even better with a price lower also than 50%. Our catamarans expecially the 38 king fisher will brake the market : when the users will realize that that can have a well equipped boat, with same accessories ,same engines, good finishing and a perfect sea keeping for less than half of the price of what they are used to pay they will think about it.

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