Casa-Pergola UK Unveils New Solar Powered Pergolas After COP27 Climate Summit.

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New Solar Power for Bioclimatic Pergolas. Despite Fossil fuel producers benefitting from sympathetic treatment in Egypt at the COP27 climate talks, Casa-Pergola is launching an eco-friendly solution to power their Pergolas. Solar panels integrated with the roof louvres of pergolas.

Casa-Pergola Unveils New Solar Powered Pergolas After COP27 Climate Summit.

Global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are likely to rise to record levels in 2023 and the following years as investments in green technology drop due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to forecasts released by the International Energy Agency.

Casa-Pergola designs and creates Bioclimatic pergolas. These aluminium pergolas are structures designed to allow intelligent solar protection and regulation of the temperature.

New technology has resulted in an increasing number of electrical add-ons for the automation in Bioclimatic pergolas. This increasing reliance on electricity in modern pergolas coupled with the sharp rise in energy costs has resulted in Casa-Pergola looking for alternative energy sources for their pergolas

Bioclimatic pergola add-ons that use electricity:

·     Wind-resistant motorized blinds

·     LED Lighting

·     Heaters for cold climates or seasons

·     Sensors, rain, sun, and wind for reduced maintenance

·     Automated motorized louvres for the pergola roof.

Existing solar panels used on rooftops are unsuitable as they present a number of problems for pergola designers. Not least is the weight of the panels and the fact that they would obscure the pergola from sunshine and light.

The result has been to design smaller solar panels that are the size of the pergola louvres.

Apart from reducing electricity costs, incorporating specially designed solar panels on bioclimatic pergolas can has other advantages.

For free-standing pergolas situated in a garden or by the poolside, it is often necessary to dig trenches to lay electrical cables. These cables are needed to connect the pergola to the main electrical supply.

With solar panels, a pergola becomes energy self-sufficient negating the need to dig up a garden and the costs involved with that work.

“ We noticed a recent increase in people installing a layer of solar panels over their pergola roof.” said a spokesperson for the company. “Whilst these makeshift solutions enabled these pergolas to use solar power, the pergola interiors became darker, without sunshine from the roof.

"We have now designed solar panels that are part of the pergola roof louvres. Now it is possible to open the louvres in sunlight and still benefit from solar power.”

About Casa-Pergola

Casa-Pergola was started in 2021.

Changing weather patterns globally and in the UK over the last decade, together with global warming were impacting on our outdoor lifestyle. We are motivated to look for alternative bioclimatic solutions that are friendly to our ecosystem. Currently, we only sell our Bioclimatic Pergolas with Solar Panels in the UK.

Contact Info:
Name: Catherine Ram
Email: Send Email
Organization: Casa-Pergola UK
Address: Unit 8, the courtyard, Lynton Rd, London N8 8SL
Phone: + 44 7361 234262

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Name: Catherine Ram
Email: Send Email
Organization: Casa-Pergola UK
Address: Unit 8, the courtyard, Lynton Rd, London N8 8SL
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