CarVertical Expands Its Service Around the World

CarVertical, the game-changing startup that leverages data to empower car purchasers, recently announced that it is entering its tenth market. With a presence in the United States, France, and other major countries, CarVertical continues to help millions of drivers around the world.

CarVertical, the young company that makes it easier for purchasers to discover the history of a vehicle, recently announced that it has expanded its operations to ten different nations. CarVertical now has a presence in the United States, France, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, and Sweden.

Ultimately, drivers in all of these countries can leverage CarVertical’s comprehensive database to gain a complete picture of the vehicle they want to purchase. Armed with this information, purchasers in some of the largest markets in the world can be more confident as they purchase their new vehicle. CarVertical, in other words, is truly a game changer in the world of auto sales.

CarVertical was founded in order to empower consumers and solve a widespread problem. Purchasing a car is stressful for a wide range of reasons, but one of the largest problems is the imbalance of information. Sellers have a large informational advantage—especially if they are selling used vehicles. They know a vehicle’s history and whether that vehicle should sell below market price. Consumers, on the other hand, often don’t have this information. They have to rely on a simple test drive and the seller’s truthfulness before purchasing the vehicle.

CarVertical brings some much-needed balance to this relationship. Instead of relying on hunches and intuition, CarVertical lets consumers rely on cold, hard data to gain an objective look at their next vehicle.

The secret sauce lies in the vehicle identification number (“VIN number”). Every vehicle, whether it is old or new, contains a VIN number. This VIN number is often found on the dashboard or on the door post of the driver’s side door. With that VIN number in hand, anyone can visit CarVertical’s website and enter the VIN number. After inserting the relevant VIN number, CarVertical can deliver a wide range of information about that particular vehicle. Some of that information includes title records, previous photos of the vehicle (especially if it suffered damage), and even whether there have been any reported issues with the vehicle’s odometer.

CarVertical gathers its data from a wide array of sources, including national and private registries, various databases, and on-board diagnostic devices. Along with this, the company leverages sophisticated blockchain technology to ensure that every piece of information is accurate. In other words, by using CarVertical, you can be absolutely confident that you are receiving accurate information about the vehicle that you would like to analyze.

CarVertical officially launched in August 2018. It initially served auto purchasers in Lithuania. From there, CarVertical spread to Estonia, Romania, Hungary, and Poland. CarVertical then increased its footprint in 2019, expanding into Latvia, France, Ukraine, the United States, and, most recently, Sweden on May 3.

The company has also developed specific features for local markets so that drivers can get an even more granular look at the vehicles that they are purchasing. For instance, when CarVertical entered France, it introduced car identification by number plate instead of a VIN number. This is just one example, but the fact remains that CarVertical is laser-focused on providing the best possible experience for its users.

As CarVertical expands across the world, it is sticking to its foundational roots. Namely, the goal continues to be to arm auto purchasers with real-world data. With that data, purchasers can better negotiate with sellers or even decide to move on and purchase a different vehicle. Whatever the case may be, CarVertical is solving a common worldwide problem that affects millions of people.

With this latest expansion into Sweden, CarVertical continues to help drivers around the globe. It is only getting started. The company is also considering new, exciting markets where it can introduce its car history reports. Regardless of the destination, CarVertical is focused on providing the most comprehensive vehicle reports so that purchasers can make the most informed decisions. Whether purchasers are buying their first vehicle or have bought vehicles throughout their adult lives, CarVertical can be a game-changing asset in the vehicle purchasing journey.

To learn more about CarVertical, feel free to visit Upon visiting CarVertical’s website, visitors can input a vehicle’s VIN number or view a sample report. Should you have any questions about CarVertical, you can also view its support page by clicking here.

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