Cartoon Doge To Launch A One-of-a-kind NFT Auction House

Innovative crypto project, Cartoon Doge, announces plans to launch the first-of-its-kind Next-Gen NFT Auction House with exclusive artists and limited edition NFTs

It is looking like good times for lovers of the digital economy and NFT enthusiasts across the globe following the plans of Cartoon Doge to launch a unique NFT Auction House. The Cartoon Doge project already achieved remarkable feats in the crypto space, starting with a 100 marketcap and blowing up to 1 million in less than a month. The project, which is designed to bring to life a long awaited Cartoon Animated Series featuring everyone's favorite Meme Character "Doge," seeks to take the experience a notch higher with the proposed NFT Auction House.

Non-fungible tokens, otherwise known as NFTs, have shattered records in the blockchain world in recent times. Experts have already described NFTs as one of the biggest blockchain-powered solutions, as more people embrace the Metaverse and its inherent features. Despite the increasing popularity of NFT projects, enthusiasts still struggle to get the exclusivity they desire. However, Cartoon Doge is looking to change this narrative through the NFT Auction House.

The auction house is just a part of the all-in-one unique crypto ecosystem created by the Cartoon Doge team. Cartoon Doge will offer a unique collection of NFT pieces before the eventual release of its animated series, featuring all the characters in the cartoon. The Next-Gen NFT Auction House with exclusive artists and limited edition NFTs is unprecedented and will undoubtedly chart a new course in the industry, giving people the chance to own rare pieces.

Cartoon Doge was inspired by the popularity of a new cartoon animated character that would easily fit in and take the center stage in the entertainment industry captivating the "Gen Z" audience and cryptocurrency worldwide. The team behind the Cartoon Doge has expressed their excitement to be in the frontlines of a project that will be creative, fun and entertaining while having a profitable token that everyone will want to own and hold.

CARTD is available for purchase on and, with several benefits, such as buybacks, available to buyers and holders. The purchase of 0.5 bnb worth of CARTD attracts an additional $50 CARTD while 1 bnb worth of CARTD will receive $100 CARTD!, with a maximum buy of 3 BNB.

For further information about the Cartoon Doge project and to be a part of the forward-thinking crypto community, visit - Cartoon Doge can also be found across social media, including Telegram and Twitter.

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