Cars2Charities Creates More Value from Car Donations to Red Cross

The American Red Cross is one of the most popular non-profit organizations for donations in the world. Many vehicle donors to Cars2Charities choose to benefit the Red Cross in its relief efforts around the globe.

The American Red Cross, founded in 1881 by famed nurse Clara Barton, has long been one of the favorite charitable recipients for donors who want to help others around the world. Now, Cars2Charities, a premier car donation program based in California, enables donors to maximize their gifts to the Red Cross through a vehicle donation.

When a donor chooses to donate a car, as seen at, the donor can choose which charity benefits from the sale of the vehicle. Besides cars, the organization also welcomes motorcycle donation to Red Cross, as well as all other types of recreational vehicles such as golf carts, campers, ATVs and even trucks, vans and commercial equipment. Boat or RV donation, as seen at, is one of the best ways for many Americans to convert something the family is no longer using as often into cash that helps the Red Cross to save lives. The process is simple and easy to complete, giving the donor the satisfaction of giving to help others without the hassle of selling a vehicle and dealing with all the DMV paperwork. Cars2Charities evaluates each donation to see how they can improve how the vehicle looks and/or runs, and markets vehicles to a network of interested retail buyers who can appreciate its remaining life. This typically adds 25-50% more to the value of each donor’s car donation tax deduction, and increases the value to the charity they pick.

Recently, many of the organization’s car donations, as seen at, have been designated for the Red Cross, which provides relief efforts throughout the world. Recent earthquakes and other natural disasters, as well as the effects of war on countries across the globe, have prompted many to donate their used vehicles and designate the funds for the Red Cross. For more information on how Cars2Charities makes it easy to donate a car to Red Cross and to support relief efforts worldwide, visit the Cars2Charities website.

About Cars2Charities: Cars2Charities, Inc. helps donors convert unneeded vehicles to cash that can fund any non-profit organization the donor wishes to choose. Its mission is to relieve the burden of fundraising for charities, so they can focus on what they do best: provide the core services that matter to their cause. With proprietary state-of-the-art processes and work-flows, Cars2Charities improves vehicle donations, and obtains the best sale price on behalf of the charity. This maximizes the value of the donor’s tax deduction, and the net proceeds to the charity of their choice.

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