Carolina Facial Plastics Offers Botox® Cosmetic Treatments for a Variety of Concerns

The popular injectable treatment Botox® Cosmetic has been long known for its ability to smooth away facial lines and wrinkles

The popular injectable treatment Botox® Cosmetic has been long known for its ability to smooth away facial lines and wrinkles. At Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, the expert team of injectors recently noted that fighting aging symptoms is just one of the benefits of getting Botox. They offer Botox and its counterpart Dysport® for a variety of cosmetic and medical purposes. The office also recently added the long-lasting neuromodulator Daxxify as a wrinkle treatment. 

"Botox is one of the most versatile non-surgical treatment options we offer," Heather Bryant, MPAS, PA-C, one of the injectors at Carolina Facial Plastics, explained. "This neuromodulator was first approved as a medical treatment for eye muscle disorders and has since been found to work on many more medical conditions. In addition, it is invaluable as a quick cosmetic treatment for a variety of aesthetic concerns."

As a cosmetic treatment, Botox is primarily known for treating dynamic wrinkles, which are lines that form when certain facial expressions are made. These creases commonly develop on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and in the outer corners of the eyes. Botox works by relaxing the muscles that create the wrinkles when the expression is formed. 

Botox is also effective in addressing a gummy smile, which is a smile that shows too much teeth and upper gums. By relaxing the key muscles that pull the lip up, Botox lowers the lip naturally to minimize the appearance of a gummy smile. Botox can even address the platysma muscle, the muscle in the neck that causes horizontal bands to form over time. 

Carolina Facial Plastics offers Botox treatments for migraine management, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), and bruxism (teeth grinding). The team has also refined a technique known as microbotox, which uses small amounts of Botox just under the skin's surface to control acne breakouts.

In addition to treating bruxism, Botox injections that target the masseter (chewing) muscle can help to slim the jawline. Due to excessive activity, this muscle can enlarge, creating a wider, square jawline. By relaxing and reducing the muscle with Botox, the narrower jawline can be restored even while treating the uncomfortable symptoms often associated with teeth clenching or grinding. 

Dr. Kulbersh is the double board-certified facial plastic surgeon that oversees Carolina Facial Plastics and performs all the surgical procedures at the center. He works with a team of expert injectors, who perform all of the injectable procedures in his North Carolina office. Heather Bryant, MPAS, PA-C, and Amanda Piligian, PA-C, are both board-certified physician assistants, while Courtney Whitley, FNP-C, is a board-certified nurse practitioner. All of these providers have extensive experience and training using Botox, Dysport, and a wide range of dermal fillers to help patients meet many of their aesthetic goals without incisions or downtime.

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