Carol Faria Nutritionist Launches New Business To Create Perfect Bodies In Sao Paulo

Carol Faria is a new sports, functional and child nutritionist in Sao Paulo, and is offering people the opportunity to perfect their body through nutritional science, exercise and more.

Nutrition is essential to the healthy functioning of both body and mind, but food is often ignored by the vast majority of people, most of whom can’t even remember what they have eaten on a given day. This ‘food as fuel’ mentality has caused huge increases in obesity, diabetes and other health related issues. Taking control of food intake can improve health, fitness, self-esteem, mood, vitality and overall wellbeing. Carol Faria is a nutritionist in Sao Paulo, SP, who has now launched a new business in order to transform sports performance, functional health and children’s development.

Her business, Carol Faria Nutricionista SP, will help people with their health and fitness, using nutrition and exercise as a base for lifestyle transformation. Carol offers face to face consultations with every client to assess their needs, aims and objectives, before creating a roadmap to achieve and exceed them.

As a nutritionist, she also has a degree in physical education, ensuring she is perfectly placed to help people with their fitness as well as their diet. She can create custom gym routines tailored to people’s particular needs, whether they are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or burn away fat to reveal a six pack. She even offers consultations on children’s nutrition.

A spokesperson for Carol Faria explained, “Many parents worry about how to get their child eating healthily and how to ensure they are developing at a normal, healthy rate. Carol can help alleviate those fears and teach parents best practices for keeping their children growing strong. At the same time, adults can achieve weight loss, muscle gain and health management. Combined with children’s development consultancy, Carol is able to help whole families become the best version of themselves. She looks forward to delivering transformational results to people throughout Sao Paulo.”

About Carol Faria: Carol Faria is a sports, functional and child nutritionist based in Sao Paulo. She offers face to face consultations in a purpose built clinic with advanced features and functions, able to give people deep insight into their current body composition and performance as well as helping them move toward their optimum. Carol Faria has two degrees, in Nutrition and Physical Education.

Contact Info:
Name: Carol Faria
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Organization: Carol Faria Nutricionista SP
Address: Rua Joao Cachoeira, 1755, Vila Conceicao , Sao Paulo - SP
Phone: (+55) 11-99801-0101

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