Reports That Car Lease Deals Hit a 5 Year High is celebrating their 10 year anniversary in style as car leasing deals increases to numbers last seen in 2008.

Car lease deals are soaring and a leading UK company celebrates 10 years in supplying lease cars at market leading prices in addition to offering tips on choosing a lease car.

Cheap car lease deals are increasing the number of new cars sold month on month at the fastest rate since 2008. This is largely due to the increasing number of savvy people who lease cars, realising that cheap car leasing or contract hire is a far better deal than buying a car outright.

Its no secret the UK car leasing business is booming and to celebrate the fact that, the nations most trusted cheap car lease company company are now into their 10th year in car lease deals, they are now offering fantastic savings on many of the nations top car lease deals. is also launching a new website to cope with the increasing demands of buyers to their website. Operations manager Ian Smith commented: “It’s an exciting time for us, we pride ourselves on our reputation and our 93% customer retention rate. That is to say that 93% of our customers come back to us for another fantastic deal on lease cars.”

He continued: “It’s easy to see why when you do the maths to buy a car, for example a £25,000 car costs around £500 per month for 5 years. To lease a brand new car (the same model but better specification) can cost a little as £300 a month with many deals offering free road fund licensing for the lease duration. To add to this there are no MOT tests required for a car until it is 3 years old and there are not many 3 year old cars that require much more than a headlight bulb or tyre to pass the MOT”.

“With a new car you have a warranty; so you don’t have any major repair bills to worry about which just leaves for hassle free motoring. With a used car you have no idea who may have abused it or even altered the mileage. A family’s safety is a big concern for our customers. We think we leave the main dealers standing when it comes to our offers. Look around and you will see that main dealers charge far more for a comparable deal on vehicle leasing.” believes many people look at car financing in the wrong way. They point out that many people avoid car leasing because they never own the car. However they point out that is exactly the same when financing a car. Seventy eight percent of people use car financing and with interest added many people owe more than the car is worth as soon as they drive the car away.

Ian explains: “Consumers have a choice, they can own their car via financing which in practical terms means they pay more per month for an inferior car and most importantly they are likely to be owe more than the car is worth unless they put down a large deposit. Or they can lease a Mercedes Benz or another high specification vehicle, pay less per month and have no negative equity.”

About Car Lease UK:
Car Lease UK has been offering a range of lease financing for over ten years across the UK. They offer market leading rates for car leasing on both new and used cars. The lease options are very flexible and can cover road fund license and even servicing costs for the duration of the agreement.

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