Caregivers La Jolla, Homecare Agency Shares Self Improvement Tips for Seniors

La Jolla Caregivers Agency Provides Self Improvement Advice for Seniors. Offers Free Online Needs Assessment to Help Families Understand Senior Care Options.

Firstat Nursing Services, a La Jolla Homecare and Senior Caregiver Agency supports Self Improvement Month by publishing smart tips for Seniors.

Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services says that home health care can help people with elderly loved ones make sure they are getting the help they need to stay active, and keep a positive attitude. Methods of self-improvement also gives seniors a higher sense of self-esteem.

Here are three ways to encourage self-improvement in seniors.

Playing Mind Games – Home nurses offer regular visits to keep their senior patients mentally active and involved. An active mind will stay brighter and be more focused. Mentally stimulating games help the senior emotionally as well. The number one fear of the elderly is losing their mental faculties. Staying mentally active is stimulating and helps abate those fears.

Home health care providers will help their elderly clients find logic and memory games such as crossword puzzles that they enjoy playing, and also keep them talking. Solving puzzles increases their sense of self-worth, stimulates the brain, and also releases endorphins providing a feeling of happiness and well-being.

Keeping the Home Tranquil and Safe – Home health care providers looking after senior citizens ensures they can remain in their homes, where they are happiest. Visiting nurses make sure the home is safe, while finding ways to make it peaceful. They can also ensure seniors have proper nutrition by providing appropriate meals so seniors do not need to cook. Visiting nurses will also make sure the senior citizen is getting the proper hygiene care to maintain their health. Along with the home’s physical safety, a health care provider can help make sure the elderly client is maintaining their medical schedule as well, and also keep them up-to-date with their physicians.

Keeping Seniors Moving – As wonderful as their homes are, seniors need to get out and get together with loved ones and friends whenever possible. A home care provider will help keep seniors moving, get them out to exercise in an appropriate manor as often as possible. They can also arrange for the senior to get together with family if necessary, as well as to meet up with old friends.

The health care provider can also find new friends and clubs for the senior in their community. Maintaining outside contacts helps keep senior citizens mentally engaged and emotionally healthy.

For those times when the senior citizen can’t get out of the house due to weather issues or health problems, the health caregiver can incorporate safe exercises into their daily visit to maintain the senior’s physical health.

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