Carefree Boat Club Hires New Marketing Agency

One of the fastest-growing companies in the country, Carefree Boat Club hires CAE Marketing & Consulting to devise a new marketing strategy.

Carefree Boat Club has recently announced a new partnership with CAE Marketing & Consulting. By hiring a new marketing agency, the company aims to continue their impressive progression and create more awareness around the brand - with a particular emphasis on SEO.

Carefree Boat Club is a members-only boat club with over 70 locations across the North American continent. As of right now, there are more than 3,000 members all signed up. The company was established in 2002 and is keen to open more locations all throughout the US and Canada. While still a young company, it’s quickly become the premier boat club in both countries.

The business itself is based around the concept of being able to use a boat without all the hassle of owning one. Members have access to an entire fleet of boats at a fraction of the cost of owning just one. It’s an idea that appeals to many in a world where renting is seen as a far more affordable alternative to buying things outright.

Why CAE Marketing?

Marketing is such a sought after service in an age where numerous businesses are all vying for a slice of the same pie. As an emerging business. Carefree Boat Club could’ve picked any number of marketing agencies - so why choose CAE Marketing & Consulting?

It stems from their focus on using a testing methodology to generate empirical results. A variety of A/B testing is used - including copy testing, landing page testing, and offer testing - to see what things provide the best results. Testing is a significant part of all good marketing strategies as it allows businesses to dive into the psyche of their customers. By tweaking small things here and there, it soon presents clear empirical data that shows what techniques and features are most appealing to consumers. The consequence is a marketing campaign that will generate more leads and increase the conversion rate.

What Happens Next?

Hiring CAE Marketing & Consulting was merely the first step for Carefree Boat Club. The A/B testing will continue to help mold the perfect approach for the business. However, as with most companies, there’s also a firm focus on SEO - particularly with regards to local searches.

Local SEO is the practice of improving the way a business ranks in local searches, and CAE Marketing & Consulting has been tasked with boosting the rankings for local boat clubs in their respective markets. Along with the overall marketing strategy, this will serve to increase the online presence of the brand.

You can check out the Carefree Boat Club website by clicking the link here: For more information on the company, please contact Michael Prince at or by calling 855-236-2337. Further inquiries by post can be sent to 2109 W. Great Neck Rd. Suite 104, Virginia Beach, VA. 23451.

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