CARE Behavioral Health Expands Its Offerings for Students

Changes are being made at many locations to better meet the needs of students, reports

CARE Behavioral Health understands the changing needs of children and continuously updates its offerings to meet the needs of students. For example, Mount Pleasant Academy now offers new clubs to better satisfy students interested in the arts and gaming. Red Rock Canyon School, in contrast, allows students to write, record and publish their own music with producer Alan Shalby. Lava Heights Academy also focuses on the arts to assist students in bettering their life, offering a range of fine arts classes to help students in this endeavor. Each residential treatment center works to ensure students have opportunities to grow and expand while moving forward with life in a positive way.

"The schedule at Mount Pleasant Academy accommodates a variety of new clubs, including those focusing on music, art, photography and games. Children need to remain busy and focused on experiential activities and these clubs provide the opportunity to do so," Kathy Michaels, spokesperson for CARE Behavioral Health, explains. "As the weather improves, the clubs will move outdoors to allow for new activities and community service projects will be a part of the program."

Red Rock Canyon offers the opportunity for students to make their own record. Doing so provides a way for the student to release anxiety and stress, and music is very relaxing. The facility now offers two courses designed to assist those who wish to achieve this goal. During these classes, Songwriting and Recording Engineering, students gain access to musical instruments along with recording equipment, a mixing board and a sound board.

Michaels states children who have these tools discover they are able to find their voice while shaping their vision. Some choose to create a music video, and all have their tracks included on a compilation CD which is released by the facility every three months. Students love to have their music published in this manner, and it improves their self worth to have the opening to do so.

Those who love the fine arts often benefit from time at Lava Heights Academy. Here students are able to engage in self-exploration and self-expression using a variety of mediums. Some opt for theater or music, and others choose the visual arts or dance. Regardless of which medium is selected, students find they're able to express and explore themselves in more depth and also more accurately. Progress of the students is often paralleled therapeutically.

"Students engage in these activities through group collaborations, classes and private lessons. Therapists may attend the private lessons to learn more about the student and where they currently are in the healing process, and students are encouraged to express themselves, evaluate and explore their works and ensure they are conveying the message the student wishes them to and to share their expression once it becomes unified. The use of arts benefits students in a variety of ways, which is why any parent who feels their child may be in need of intensive therapy should turn to CARE Behavioral Health for assistance," Michaels proclaims.

About CARE Behavioral Health:

CARE Behavioral Health offers specialized treatment for children in need of therapy and healing. In addition to small, individualized programs for boys and girls, the facility has students complete an accredited academic program to ensure they don't fall behind in school. Each student receives individualized attention around the clock so they become the child parents know and love once again.

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