Car Valuation Publishes Results of Ten Car Test, Identifying The Best Used Car Valuation Websites has arranged estimates for ten used cars from all the top rated used car valuation sites, and has ranked the results so that users can get the best value for their vehicle.

Selling used cars can now be done online through any number of used car valuation sites. These sites often offer competitive rates to used car dealers and can be accessed from the comfort of one’s own home. With so many of them out there however, it can be difficult for people to ensure they are getting the best price available without hours of work processing their car on every site. is a site dedicated to saving people time in this endeavor, and has compared the prices for the best recommended used car valuation sites.

The car valuation rankings are split into two sections with a top three pick in each, those that offer free valuation based on site valuation and those that offer free valuation based on dealer price. The top three in each differ greatly. When perusing the overall rankings, individuals can look at the estimates given to four different classes of vehicles in order to safely ballpark how much they might get for their own vehicles.

The rankings see WeWantAnyCar come out on top as consistently offering the best used car prices for any vehicle class, offering as much as 250 pounds more than the nearest competitor for the same vehicle.

A spokesperson for explained, “The process we have undertaken has been illuminating, and we have done our best to share our findings in a way that is useful and instantly comprehensible for our readers, who can then immediately action the data to go out there and get themselves the very best deal available. Currently, that comes from WeWantAnyCar, but with such competition between these sites it is always worth checking back with our rankings before deciding on a site to trust.”

About Car Valuation: Car Valuation is a site that specializes in helping people get the best price for their car. They regularly review car valuation sites and help people find the places where they can get the top market price when selling a used care. The site is regularly updated and features a wide range of estimates from top websites on a broad range of vehicles to help people get an at-a-glance estimation.

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