Car Rental Auckland Deals Announces Rental Information Site For Auckland City

Renting a car in Auckland City can be quite different than in other areas, reports.

Unlike many major cities, Auckland is known for having limited public transportation options. Its bus, train, and ferry systems hit only a few specific places, and the fares are surprisingly high. Because of this, travel agents recommend that visitors rent a car. With this in mind, ( has announced its site that provides information about renting a car in the city.

"Many visitors are best served if they plan on car rental Auckland (," says site representative Joseph C. Grillo. "This will allow them to go where they want without worrying about whether a bus will leave them blocks away from their destinations. It's easy to pick up a vehicle at the Auckland Airport and use it for the duration of a trip."

This is a great option for those who arrive at the airport and are used to driving on the left side of the road. Some note, however, that the plane trip to New Zealand from the Americas and Europe is a very long one. Therefore, those arriving by air may actually be better served by taking a shuttle to a hotel and getting some sleep before they go for car rental Auckland Airport (

"There are plenty of places to rent a car within Auckland itself," Grillo noted. "These rental outlets aren't only for tourists. Auckland residents rent cars for the same reason any other city's residents rent them. Their own cars may be in the shop, they may need an extra for visiting relatives, or they may not own their own vehicles."

People who don't own cars often live near supermarkets and other essential services, but sometimes find that they need to get to a destination that's not near a bus stop and is too far away to walk or bum a ride. Car rental solves this problem and avoids the need to pay high taxi fares for long rides.

Whether car renters are tourists or residents, they'll find that the options for renting a car in the city are far more varied than they are in many other countries. New Zealand has a large amount of small businesspeople, and independent car rental outlets abound. They may not have the large fleets of the big chains, but on the other hand, it's often very easy to find cheap car rental Auckland ( The small companies are also far more open to negotiations, which is a boon for those who like to make a deal instead of paying a flat rate.

About is a site that offers in-depth information about car rental in Auckland. This information goes far beyond just listing car rental agencies. Instead, it points out interesting facts like the local culture and how it affects the way cars are rented in the city, notes important aspects such as the length of the plane trip for visitors from distant continents, and more. It also offers tips on what to see and do when taking a vacation in or near Auckland City.

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